Bands I’m Enjoying in Spring 2017

Another season has rolled around which means it's time for yet another instalment of the bands or groups I have been listening to throughout the past, present and future days in Spring. These posts allow me to express the artists I enjoy which could hopefully then influence you great people reading this to know of… Continue reading Bands I’m Enjoying in Spring 2017

Spring Playlist 2017

My favourite season of the year has arrived. It's spring time! The time of year where I imagine spring lams, chicks and rabbits running around in fields full of greenery and flowers springing up absolutely everywhere whilst mild rays of sunshine fill the skies, this is my ideal definition of what I envision the Springtime… Continue reading Spring Playlist 2017

All Time Low at o2 Academy Brixton Concert Experience

The concert experience's are back and they have indeed returned at an all time high moment. A slight giveaway through that very atrocious intended pun, a fortnight ago I got the opportunity to see All Time Low on their UK leg of this promotional tour they are doing in the run up to their summer… Continue reading All Time Low at o2 Academy Brixton Concert Experience

Harry Styles ‘Sign Of The Times’ Track Review & BBC Radio 1 Exclusive Interview¬†

Harry Styles has given birth to a masterpiece titled 'Sign Of The Times'. Coinsodentally time has finally arrived and after months in the making, today the music industry and the universe has witnesses the day solo Styles dominated the world. At 8am this morning during a world first exclusive interview alongside good long term friend… Continue reading Harry Styles ‘Sign Of The Times’ Track Review & BBC Radio 1 Exclusive Interview¬†

Solo Styles, Tomlinson’s Festival Turnup & Payne’s Parenthood

The past week has been crazy hectic in the One Direction fandom to say the least. The 25th March has now been given a brand new definition other than the day Zayn Malik decided to quit 1D. With Liam and Harry both making two completely different public announcements sending social media and the universe into… Continue reading Solo Styles, Tomlinson’s Festival Turnup & Payne’s Parenthood

2 Years Since Zayn Malik Left One Direction

Tomorrow officially marks the 2 year date since Zayn Malik decided to depart from his fellow band members of five years at the time Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne which saw him take a short break away from the spotlight before quickly returning to making music with the debut of his… Continue reading 2 Years Since Zayn Malik Left One Direction

My Favourite Band Members (Part 2)

Considering the amount of bands I like seems to be ever-growing and never-ending, it seemed appropriate to create a post for my favourite band members part 2. My favourite band members is a small series of posts that I am doing here on One Fall Out At The Disco where I pick out some of… Continue reading My Favourite Band Members (Part 2)