On The Road Again Tour 25/09/15

For about 4 years now I have been a massive fan of One Direction and in that time I have been fortunate enough to see them twice in concert. Once last year at the highly popular venue Wembley Stadium on their worldwide Where We Are Tour and just recently at the O2 arena on the bands On The Road Again Tour last Friday, and whilst it was still fresh in my mind I thought I would share my concert experience.

I never really mind the whole process of trying to get to the venue via public transport because all the adrenalin is building up in preparation for the concert itself. However one thing to always remember when travelling somewhere on a deadline or to a specific time is to keep track of time and plan your journey in advance!

Travelling and getting into the venue aside I finally found my allocated seat inside the venue and all I can say is that I was positively supprised of how decent my view of the stage was. In comparison to my view last year at Wembley Stadium I was very ecstatic of where my seat was this time around.

Finally the time had come for the boys to come on stage which is always a surreal moment for any fan of any band or artist because that’s truly when the realization hits you that you are physically seeing them from your own point of view and it’s not all just a dream. They opened with song No Control off their latest album Four which personally is my absolute favorite song from that album.

Throughout the whole concert the atmosphere was insane. Not one individual in that arena was silent which all just adds to the hype of concerts, when your surrounded with people in exactly the same position as you they are there to see one of their favorite bands you feel this instant connection with every person there which is an unexplainable feeling.

This so far has been one of the best concerts I have ever attended everything from the setlist to the boys themselfs was amazing they consistently interacted with us the audience and they made us feel involved throughout the duration of the concert. Honestly even if you are not the biggest fan of this band and you get the oppitunity to go and see them live grab that chance with both hands and embrace it!

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