How To Prepare For An Upcoming Concert. 

What are your concert essentials and how do you get psyched up for a concert? Well in this blog post I am going to be explaining how I prepare and get organise for my Fall Out Boy concert taking place this weekend.

The first thing I like to do in order to get psyched up for a concert is that I like to find the setlist the artist will be performing at the date I will be going to. For any gig I have been to in the past I always love to do this because it makes me so much more enthusiastic and by knowing the setlist before hand, you can ensure you know all the lyrics so when the time of the concert comes around you can belt out those lyrics and have an even better concert experience.

Once I have found the official setlist I immediately create a playlist of all the songs included in the set normally on spotify or occasionally on youtube.


Playlist I created on music playform Spotify for the American Beaity/American psycho tour.


A day before the concert, I will pre-pack my bag I will be taking with me to the concert full of all the essentials needed to survive in a hectic environment. My concert essentials I will take along with me are items such as:

  • Phone – To capture all them great memories
  • Portable charger – Just in case your phone decides to die half way through the concert (which is always highly likely!)
  • Money – For all that merchandise you regret purchasing and food and drink
  • Directions – So you are 100% sure on how to get to the venue the concert will be held at
  • A hair band – Especially for all girls this is an absolute must!
  • A small pack of tissues – Just in case it all gets a bit overwhelming
  • Water – For the long journey ahead
  • Travel card – If using public transport
  • Lip Balm – It’s self explanatory!
  • Concert ticket – This is obviously a must otherwise you won’t be able to get into the event which will result in upset and disappointment.

These are just a few of my basic essentials, yours may vary but I think these are absolute staples to bring to any live event. From experience, I have learnt that what kind of bag you chose to take is paramount, trust me! I would suggest a small backpack only because you will be able to fit all of these essentials in and it won’t bother you at all.

Lastly, after I have completed all of these steps in terms of preparation, the last thing I will do is pick an outfit for the concert. If it’s going to be a concert going late into the night defiantly bring a light jacket or jumper for the journey home because the weather changes rapidly especially in London. Also foot wear, I can’t stress enough that you go for comfort rather than style. Last year at Wembley stadium when I went to see One Direction I came across so many people wearing heels in a packed out stadium, which is just such a stupid mistake to make. Personally, I normally go for converse or vans because they are extremely comfortable and also go with any outfit and you will be able to move and jump as much as you wish without having the fear of falling over!

There you have it. Now you are ready to have the time of your life, getting to experience live music without having any worries or problems with being unorganized. Just by writing this, I cannot wait to see Fall Out Boy on Sunday even more now.

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