Fall Out Boy American Beauty/American Psycho Tour 11/10/15

Another week, another concert. This week I shall be talking all about my experience I had at Fall Out Boy’s American Beauty/American Psycho tour that took place on Sunday 11th October 2015 at the sse arena Wembley. 

I arrived early about one hour and a half before doors opened which gave me some time to kill. Luckily because the concert was held in the Wembley area, there was many places to venture around including the merch tent outside the venue, in which drew me in to get some over priced merch that I don’t mind purchasing.

The sse arena Wembley

Then once I was able to enter the venue, I found my seat and literally as soon as I sat down the three support acts came on stage one after the other and they were Charley Marley, Matt & Kim and lastly Professor Green who were all supprisingly all great performers which gave us the audience a positive uplift which prepared us for the main act Fall Out Boy.

Finally half an hour after the support acts it was the moment of truth, and Fall Out Boy graced the stage, opening the show with their classic song Sugar we’re goin down which they absolutely killed on stage.

During the intervals of a few songs, mainly Pete and Patrick did the talking which was expected although it would of been nice to hear from Joe and Andy however they of course paid off for it whilst performing. Pete and Patrick were so connected with us the fans Pete telling us stories  and making thoughtful speeches and talking about his after party at nandos and of course Patrick just being polite and getting everybody involved within singing the lyrics especially in I Don’t Care, Grand Theft Autumn and This ain’t a scene it’s an arms race.

Also, the setlist they performed shown that they did consider and thought long and hard about what songs to include on it, providing an even balance of classic songs old and new which were executed well and proved popular with every individual in the arena with each word to every song being sung.

Fall Out Boy on stage at Wembley arena on their American Beauty/American Psycho tour in London

Fast foward to the present day, looking back on the concert I have to say two songs that Fall Out Boy performed that stuck out for me for all the right reasons were American Beauty/American Psycho, This ain’t a scene it’s an arms race and Alone together them three songs were stunning live.

All in all, Fall Out Boy are an amazing four-piece and seeing as this was my first time seeing them in concert I was amazed and they are defiantly a band I would go and see over and over again.


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