One Direction Perfect Review

It’s creeping closer towards November which means one directions fifth studio album Made In The A.M is close to its release date. And today One Direction have released their second single along with Drag Me Down named Perfect today. And because this blog is portion ally about One Direction, it’s time for another song review.

One Direction’s brand new single Perfect from their upcoming album Made In The A.M

Right at the beginning of the first verse, there is a brief bass part in the background which I was so presently surprised to hear because I can’t really recall a One Direction song that had this detailed bass section in a song, which shows that they are progressing with their sound which is proving well and the bass also combined nicely with Louis’ distinctive tone of his voice which was a great match.

Another really nice element to the song I was attracted to as soon as I listened to the first play of Perfect was even though the rhythm and beat changed in each section of the song, it was highly memorable seeing as it used drums predominantly drums in the verse’s which I found catchy and the beat and rhythm was stuck in my head for a good while after listening Perfect.

Moving on to the bridge of the song this was the part in which everything seemed minimalistic and stripped back especially Harry’s vocal I’m the bridge, his voice is very calming in this section compared to the chorus, his vocal is more powerful and stronger which shows that dynamics were considered within the whole process of the creation of the song.

Lastly, the vibe and general sound I received after hearing this song was a very grown up mature sound which I am loving which is the sound One Direction have been able to come across as ever since their previous album Four. Their evolution ever since their first album Up all Night up until Perfect has clearly shown that they have drastically changed from teen pop to a more mature sound which has attracts a wider audience which is always a good step and I feel as if they have wanted to portray this sound because it feels as if they have grown and developed with us their fans which instantly connects us and One Direction.

If you haven’t listened to Perfect yet I defiantly reccomed that you check it out by following the link below:

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