Panic! At The Disco Emperors New Clothes Music Video Review

It’s finally come around to the later moths of the year which can possibly mean only one thing in music. New albums, new music and music videos are being released. Therefore this week, I will be talking about Panic! At The Disco’s new video released just yesterday, Emperors New Clothes.

One thing that was clever about this video was the continuation on from This Is Gospel. When the video starts, to signify that the video is a continuation we see that last scene from This Is Gospel with brendon running off into the misty, smokey distance.

Last scene from the This Is Gospel music video shown in Emperors New Clothes

In my opinion I love it when any artist comes up with the idea of connecting music videos together because it creates a more in depth story as well as promoting new music. I instantly related the Emperors New Clothes concept to Fall Out Boy’s Young Blood Chronicles only because they both linked videos together and hopefully Panic may do this again when releasing new content in the future because it was brilliant when Fall Out Boy did this for their album Save Rock and Roll.

Next, we see Brendon almost in a dream world seeing as he is pictured smiling with wide eyes looking hopefull embedded in mountains of smoke. That was until he dramatically falls into a another world where things take a turn for the worst.

Brendon in Panic! At The Disco’s new music video.

When landing into this world of the unknown, the lyric ‘Welcome to the end of eras’ is heard which instantly informs us the whole narritave behind the linking of the two videos together. Then throughout the rest of the video, Brendon morphs and turns into this peculiar demon with very white teeth!

Overall, I instantly knew the basic concept Panic was going for in this video due to their advertisement in the run up to its release and as soon as I watched it for the first time it was initially quite strange however, the more I watched it throughout the day the more clever and creative it become.

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