One Direction Perfect Music Video Review

So many new music videos being released, which is a huge help to me because it means new blog post ideas. Therefore in this post, I shall be giving my opinion and discussing everything related to One directions new music video titled Perfect. Clearly the name is trying to tell is something about the video already.

One element that appeals to me about this video is that it is in a monochrome colour scheme. This quickly appealed to me because it made the whole video seem so much more elegant and immaculate and it also linked to another of One Directions music videos, Little Things due to the fact they were both shot in black and white. Also because scenery and landscape shots appeared several times in the music video it suited these shots perfectly giving the feel of a smooth, professional video.

Louis opening up the Perfect music video

Harry looking down on the streets of New York in the Perfect music video

The cinematography used throughout the Perfect video seemed more noticeable in comparison to past music videos because it came across that the director and the boys used a wider range of different shots ranging from close up shots to wide angle shots, making good use of the city of New York from the hotel the video was shot at.

It was evident that before actually filming the video, that it was planned out and carefully thought about because if you take certain lyrics from the song itself for example ‘If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms’ they applied the lyrics to the video seeing as the majority of it was shot in hotel rooms, therefore this makes the video all the more likable and sentimental especially for Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall.

Niall playing guitar in the Perfect music video

Liam shown composing music in the Perfect music video

Lastly, my absolute favorite aspect of the Perfect music video is that it discretly demonstrates each of the guys personalities, hobbies and interests throughout the video. We see Louis playing football which is a big passion of his, Niall playing guitar which he does on stage whenever one direction have a concert, Harry channeling his fashionable side by trying on outfits and last but not least Liam causing havoc with Louis and also creating music. I believe this an effective idea because if a person that comes across this video and has no knowledge of the band they are immediately made aware of the individual personalities within the band and for us directioners watching the video, we feel more connected to the members of One Direction.

Group shots filmed on the hotels roof in the Perfect music video

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