Favourite Band Members 

Today as you can tell by the obvious title, today’s post is going to be all about my favourite band members of One Direction, Fall Out Boy and last but not least Panic! At The Disco and how I came about the ultimate discovery of how they became my favorite.

Before I continue any further, I absolutely appreciate,admire and cherish every individual member from these three bands and they all have qualities and individual elements that make me acknowledge every person however, you can’t really prevent it when you are instantly drawn to one particular individual making them the one you adore the most.

Out of my number one favorite band of all time who so happen to go by the name of One Direction, consisting of band members Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and of course not forgetting past member Zayn Malik, my favourite member is Louis. This may be no supprised to the people reading this who know me!

I started really getting into One Direction back in October of 2011 shortly after their first single What Makes You Beautiful was released. When they were on X factor back in 2010 I remember watching them on it but it wasn’t until a year after It abruptly hit me of the amazing ness of One Direction and I instantly started liking them which was rather strange. I remember clearly that night as soon as I discovered my passion for this band I watched one after the other of the video diary’s and as soon as I watched the first one without no deliberation or hesitation something just clicked and Louis became my favourite. (Long live the striped t-shirts and braces)

I think the qualities that stuck out for me about Louis was his distinctive sense of humor, the way he just came out with the most random sentences and jokes was hilarious and his lightheartedness not taking stuff personally and of course the classic Yorkshire accent.

Four years later and absolutely nothing has changed, I still admire his personality the same way I did back in 2011 and he is such a genuine, caring person even though he has matured and grown up in the spotlight, under the pressure of the media, he has remained true to himself still being hilarious messing around on stage and has always been faithful like the rest of the guys to us the fans.

Next I shall be taking about my favourite member of Hugely popular four piece band Fall Out Boy. Members of Fall Out Boy go by the names of Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman and the person I like the most is Pete.

Bit of a late comer to the Fall Out Boy party, I have liked the band for around just two years even though I have heard of them in the past it wasn’t until I was fifteen years old the realisation of Fall Out Boy truly effected me. I believe the first thing I did was I just boringly searched who they were to gain some background knowledge and soon after I began to watch all of their music videos and I was truly spellbound. Although it wasn’t until I started to watch interviews that Pete became my favorite. I then completed some trustworthy research on just pete himself and then I knew for sure he was the main member for me.

I just think Pete is such a thoughtful, wise person who is alway the one to create these small speeches and lyrics and it’s like he is the person  saying what I’ve always thought but struggled to put into a coherent sentence and with this, he has been through so many changes and huge life events and this makes me look up to his strength to overcome the negative things. I also love his own style especially when he wears snapbacks it’s so casual and relaxed which kind of opens his personality up more at the same time. Lastly, I like how active he is on social media especially twitter and Instagram and his humor through his tweets is so odd but it’s adorably funny.

Finally out of band Panic! At The Disco my favourite member is of course the one and only Brendon Urie.

Again similarly to Fall Out Boy I was a late comer to liking Panic! and I believe I started to like them around summertime last year. What took me so long! All I can remember when it comes to the beginning of me liking Panic! the first video I came across was Ready To Go and the moment Brendon came up and started playing guitar I was mesmerised. After that I simply watched all of their music videos, listened to their albums watched all of Brendon’s vines and watched some recent interviews. I was aware that Panic! have and did go through several line up changes but despite this Brendon just happened to be my favourite.

The physical factor that I was drawn to was the hair, I think it’s impossible to watch any Panic! video or interview without appreciating Brendon’s hair! Aside from this I enjoy the way he doesn’t take things seriously by constantly smiling and always being positive through videos and pictures and I kind of took in some of his positivity which I believe is such an important quality to have especially when you know you have a countless number of fans and admirers.

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