Panic! At The Disco Victorious Music Video Review

In preparation for Panic! At The Disco‘s long awaited fifth album Death Of A Bachelor set to be released in January of next year, a couple of days ago the music video for the incredible upbeat track Victorious was released for us all to see.


Brendon in the opening scene and taking on the mammoth role as a boxer in the Victorious music video

What was undoubtedly creative abut this video that appealed to me was the fact that a variety of different lifestyle and every day scenarios were used throughout the entirety of the video in which a positive outcome could be resulted in. For example Brendon successfully helped an elderly lady across the road and after a relationship ending (coincidentally with a person hat has the same name as me) he did not cave in and call her.


Brendon after the scene in which his partner unfortunately ended a relationship with him

The use of these scenarios was an ingenious concept to incorporate into the Victorious music video because out of all the scenarios, Brendon came out victorious living up to the name of the song and music video which i believe is an important aspect to consider that your lyrics, song and music video all in someway link together because this makes it easier for fans and any individual in general to easily pick up on the meaning of the song and video and then we are able to even make our own interpretations on the narritave of the video.


Brendon drowning his feelings, struggling to overcome a past relationship

An element I picked up in terms of assosiating the lyrics of the song to the music video was the lyric. ‘My touch is black and poisionus and nothing like my punch drunk’ This conveniently matched with one of the scenarios in the music video which was the boxing match scene because Brendon at the time was wearing  black boxing gloves and also obviously because he needed to defend himself, he punched his opponent therefore only two words alone out of that lyric above related to the story begin put across in the video.

Overall the video is so relatable and appealing because the majority of the video contained real life events, this enabled many people to engage and relate to the music video and to some extent the lyrics also which makes it a successful video.

Watch the music video for Victorious here:

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