One Direction Made In The A.M. Album Review

Last Friday, the biggest band on the planet otherwise known as One Direction dropped their fifth studio album as a four piece titled Made In The A.M and after a solid week of thoroughly listening to the entirety of the albums contents, its about time that a blog post was dedicated to the tracks on the album I would recommended to any individual directioner or not and talk about the albums creativity and amazing ness overall.


One Direction’s latest album Made In The A.M.

Made In The A.M Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

  1. Hey Angel
  2. Drag Me Down
  3. Perfect
  4. Infinity
  5. End Of The Day
  6. If I could Fly
  7. Long Way Down
  8. Never Enough
  9. Olivia
  10. What A Feeling
  11. Love You Goodbye
  12. I Want To Write You A Song
  13. History 
  14. Temporary Fix
  15. Walking In The Wind
  16. Wolves
  17. A.M.

End Of The Day – This was one of the songs that the group decided to release as a teaser in the run up to the albums big release and it immediately caught my attention as soon as i cranked up the volume and listened to it for the first ever time. The chorus is highly infectious and the technique the boys used of extending some select words in the chorus gave this section emphasis and character. Instrumentally, the brief guitar solo during the bridge slotted in perfectly to the songs vibe and catchiness.

Olivia – This particular song took some time to grow on me, but once I listened to it multiple times it swiftly became one of my most listened to tracks from Made In The A.M. If you want to be transported into a world where you believe you are in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, then this is the song for you. The element of this song that opens up my imagination is defiantly the instrumental just before the bridge and suddenly Harrys vocals join in and this is when the magic happens.

What A Feeling – By far my number one track off the album, its truly incredible. I knew the first time I heard it on that early Friday morning, that this was bound to be my favourite song and my instinct was right. I believe that any song that can open up your imagination and bring your creativity to life, its an incredible song. For example whenever I choose to listen to What A Feeling, the tenth track on the deluxe version I always think of a mystical forrest on a summer evening. The part that makes me think of this setting is the very beginning of the song. Another aspect that’s hugely likeable is the lyrics. One lyric in the bridge that boldly stood out is “Whatever chains are holding you back don’t let ’em tie you down” and I interpret this lyrics as if it’s saying even if something or someone is preventing you from doing anything you are passionate about break free and persue your dreams. Overall, this song for me is on my list of my favourite One Direction songs of all time. Also this song is massively versatile for any music enthusiast to listen to because it’s such a mature sound and people that are not familiar with this band may not realise it’s a One Direction song at first, unquestionably a highly reccomended song worth listening to from this album.

History – Every tiny detail of this song I find is immaculately executed . The meaning behind this song instantly connects with all One Direction fans seeing as it is a fan dedicated song which makes it more relatable and understandable and its like each individual element that makes up this song has meaning. For example the claps at the start could signify that the boys are applauding us the fans for our supportiveness over five years which is what I truly like about this song, the fact that everything can have a story behind it. I think this song would be incredible to witness live in my opinion because it has that small anthemic feel in the chorus which would just echo around the venue, creating an absolute immense atmosphere.

Temporary Fix  –  This is literally a No Control 2.0. This track is such a party, feel good song. The whole song is unbelievably upbeat and lively which is brought to life through the use of instruments such as the drums beign paired with the fast paced vocals it’s a well matched musical pairing. Again I have to put this up there along with What A Feeling.

Lastly, this song isn’t really one of my personal favourites but if anybody loves a strongly emotional, slower song then If I Could Fly I guarantee give it a chance and you will adore this track. With many mellow minor piano chords beign played matched with the powerful lyrics, it does give off an acoustic feel and will pull on your emotions.

As a humongous One Direction fan myself, this album nearly tops my favourite album Midnight Memories, every track on the album is good for different reasons and this is their most assorted, diverse album including a range of up tempo, joyful tunes to quiter, touching songs it has wide variety suited for everybody’s genre tastes.

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