Fall Out Boy & One Direction At The American Music Awards 2015

One of the biggest annual award shows in the music industry recently took place on Sunday 22nd November 2015 in which awards were given out to recongnise artists and bands work and dedication in certain fields of music. Known as the American Music Awards or the AMA’s which took place in Los Angeles, Calafornia big winners of the night included One Direction, and Taylor Swift. Although because this blog is concerntrated and centred around One Direction and Fall Out Boy who both atteded this years awards cenermony this blog post is for them, discussing their time and acheivements made at the awards show.

One Direction On The Red Carpet At The American Music Awards

One Direction On The Red Carpet At The American Music Awards

Both One Direction and Fall Out Boy looked incredible as always as they graced the red carpet with Harry standing out wearing that bright floral suit, that was something else within itself and Patrick was late and judging by Pete’s tweets he was slightly worried they may had to attend the event as a three piece band without their frontman.

As the evening progressed it was the time for the penultimate event itself. One award that Louis, Harry, Niall and Liam picked up was the catagory of Pop/Rock Duo or Group which they fully deserved because as they have evelved with their sound as an ensemble around two years ago they really started to incorpriate rock sounds into their biggest hits especially on their thrid studio album this was such a huge leap from their boyband pop sound with the whole album consisting of mainly rock influenced sounds and instruments which is what i associate the most wth this award they won.

One Direction Going Into The Main Event At The American Music Awards

One Direction Going Into The Main Event At The American Music Awards

A very proud moment for Patrick, Pete, Andy and Joe members of Fall Out Boy who rightfully got the award for catagory Favourite Artist Alternative Rock. So elated when I found out that they won the award they were nominated for because this band has has such a long musical career and this type of band and genre of music they produce is finally started to get appreciated in mainstream award shows which I believe should of in reality started years ago but finally the time has come and this must of been such a fantastic moment for them.


Fall Out Boy With Their Award At The American Music Awards

Lastly, arguably the biggest award of the night of Artist Of The Year went to the mighty One Direction for the second year in a row. Probably the most deserving award of this event non within the short time of five years these guys have accomplished and acheved so much sucess in this time frame and this year has been a tough year but probably their most rewarding year completing their forth world tour, selling out bg name stadiums across the globe unfortunatly the departure of a band member right in the middle of touring but they rose above all the contreversy and problems and brought out a hugely appreciated fifth album Made In The A.M. and have now had their sucessful year noticed through winning this award.

Besides One Directions performance and Fall Out Boy going up on stage to introduce another artist that was it for the awards in reation to these two amazing bands who managed to collect all the awards they were nominated for which was incredible and surreal.


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