One Direction’s Hiatus

As most of us Directioners and the general public have been made aware of, One Direction are soon going to be taking a break or hiatus their favorite word in most recent interviews, at the end of this year. Over the past few weeks I have seen a mixture of opinions and thoughs on the boys announcement of their brief hiatus and thinking about it on social media I have not mentioned it an awful lot which provided me with the idea to gather my thoughts on this topic and compress it into a blog post.

I believe that these guys for their own benefit need a rest and break, even though it seems as if time has flown by ever since that life chaging moment they were put together as a band over five years ago now, they have experienced ups and dows durig that time and they have non stop been in the limelight, tourig, making new music content, creating and writing autobiographys, making four delightful perfumes plus much more they desperatly need and deserve a stress free break.

Also I think if they didn’t make the ultimate decision of taking a hiatus and continued with everyday busy band life, they would eventually start to become unhappy and bored of the same routine they have already been through for numerous years. Therefore this break would be a great oppitunity for all four members to reflect look back on their achievemnts over the past five years and importantly for the boys to catch up with faimly members and friends . Plus it also gives them a decent amount of time to refresh and rest, hopefully at some point in the future they will return bigger and better after their hiatus.


One Direction During Their Final World Tour Before their Hiatus


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