Panic! At The Disco La Devotee Review

Last week Panic! At athe Disco came out with a new track La Devotee from their soon to be fifth album beign release next month suitably titled Death Of A Bachelor.

La Devotee is simply one of them songs that you listen to once and it is irritatingly stuck in your head for days on end which can be extremely annoying but on the other hand also demonstrates that this song has been well written and produced. The catchiness of the chorus the uplifting beat created by the drums and not forgetting Brendon’s vocals give this track such uniqueness

What I like about this song is the pace and tempo the lyrics are beign sung at which the instruments complement completely. For me it seems a fairly fast paced which quickly caught my attention because I am drawn more to upbeat, happier songs from any artist or band because it immediately puts me in a lighter mood and songs such as La Devotee almost play with your emotions in a positive way.

Lastly, this song definatly needs to be put on broardway or in a west end musical. It is literally the definition of a musical. The general vibe and feel it gives off can uplift anyone at any time. Also I think this song dropped during the right season because it’s a track that would be on repeat for me on a cold winters day or it would be a song I would listen to going on a long walk in the snow. Plus it reminds me an awful lot of a place here called Winter Wonderland, if I had to sum La Devotee up in two words it would be majestical and magical.

Even though the sound of this song I believe is such a typical Panic! sound that can be related to a couple of their songs especially from album Vices and Virtues I think it still has elements to it that make it independent and makes me all the more excited for the release date of Death Of A Bachelor. 

Panic! At The a Disco – LA Devotee – 8/10

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