Patrick Stump Truant Wave EP Review

Recently, it has come to my attention that during the time Patrick Stump frontman of incredible band Fall Out Boy was releasing his first solo album Soul Punk during bands Fall Out Boy’s hiatus, that shorlty before his big album debut he also released an EP consisting of six songs titled Truant Wave was released and strangly i have only just discovered it now even though I was fully aware and have listened to Soul Punk on many occasions, I never even knew Truant Wave existed. So suprisingly this post is going to be going through Patricks EP and giving it an overall review based on the tracks included in the EP.

Truant Wave Track List:


Patrick Stump released an EP in the run up to his solo album during Fall Out Boy’s hiatus

  1. Porcelain
  2. Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)
  3. Cute Girls
  4. Love, Selfish Love
  5. As Long As I know I’m Getting Paid
  6. Big Hype

Porcelain -By far my favourite track from this album. The introduction is instantly awaking and refreshing and gets you in the mood and hype for the rest of the song. Even though its only downfall is that i find it to be repetitive however the introduction and verse’s make up for this and during the first verse after the neat transition from the intro to this verse we hear a classic Patrick moment in which he uses his technique of extending notes to add personality to a basic lyric.

Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) – This is another favourite of mine from the Truant Wave EP. Again the introduction is such a good start to the track and we even hear a instrumental piano section that carries onto the pre chorus’ which was a touch that i believe completed the song.

Cute Girls – In this song the lyrics definatly stand out. By this I mean the way that each word connects to the title of the song makes this song more memorable and relatable. Sometimes I feel as if some artists go off in a tangent sometimes when it comes to writing lyrics for a song, however Patrick stayed true to the title and lyrical content for this song which is a likable element for me.

Love, Selfish Love – This track is all about Patricks extra vocals during the intro and verse’s. Through using the technique of adding extra short vocal hooks bring this song to life and gives it more personality. This song reminds me very much of This City  from Patrick’s album Soul Punk Except this seems a more relaxed version.

As Long As I Know I’m Getting Paid – The backing track is so catchy. As soon as I pressed play on this track the backing track and all the instruments and elements that went into creating the backing track and the beat and tempo that goes along with this are simply a perfect match. Weirdly the lyrics for me kind of link to some of the vocabulary included in Fall Out Boy’s hit song I Don’t Care which created a connection lyrically between the two songs.

Big Hype – Yet another one of my stand out songs from this EP. Everything ranging from the instrumental to the vocal reacted to create an awesome song. The instrumentals in the introduction of this track almost created a sub genre of R & B and classical if I am right in thinking I heard a violin make an appearance in this segment of the song. The power of Patrick’s vocals all the way throughout the entire song signify the passion and power of his vocal abilities which was perfectly matched with the intense Drum beat which gave this song emotion and strength.

As a whole I truly think that some of these songs should of actually been placed on the album they are that good. Not one of these tracks have a distinct weakness that I can identify showing that Patrick is an all round talented artist and musician.

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