Panic! At The Disco Death Of A Bachelor Music Video Review 

Last week Christmas came early and on Thursday which coincidentally was Christmas Eve, Panic! At The Disco decided to give us all a present of our own in the form of a music video for the title song they released from their highly anticipated fifth album Death of a bachelor.

Before we delve into the antics the actual music video has to offer, I believe when describing the song Death Of A Bachelor, Brendon called it Frank Sinatra meets Beyoncé and this is an extremely accurate representation of the song. The tone of voice shown through Brendon’s vocals and the addition of some brass and horn instrumentals with the mixture of the irregular moderate R&B beat in the background throughout the song defiantly lives up to Brendon’s comparison perfectly and also links back in terns of sound to album Too Weird To Live Too Rare To Die

Brendon In The Opening Scenes For The Music Video Death Of A Bachelor

Moving swiftly onto the video, it is seen to be set in an empty ballroom which already matches with the style of song death of a bachelor which is predominantly jazz based in honour of Frank Sinatra and the memories Brendon spent as a kid finding his way with music which he personally talked about on a statement he posted on the official Panic! At The Disco website which I will link below at the end of this post.

To add to the vintage esque feel of the physical appearance of the music video it was shot in black and white tones to contribute a slightly more older, precise element to the video. Again I absolutely love anything monochrome styled therefore like the Perfect music video by One Direction Similarly this video massively appealed to me quickly because of this factor. 

A Close Up Shot Of Front Man Brendon Urie In The Video

On top of creating a jazz influenced video the use of monochrome colours gave everything a touch of elegance and along with Brendon’s fluent presence and his polished, smart outfit, it was clear that this look was well executed creating an amazing music video fitting together like puzzle pieces with the song.

Of course lyrically I think out of all the songs released so far from the upcoming album, Death Of A Bachelor has the most reliability and meaning especially from front man Brendon’s perspective seeing as the lyrics deeply express his experience with the subject of love and relationships which can be a hugely relatable topic to many individuals leading onto my next point of then people being easily able to easily associate with the music video on top of this.

Scenes And Shots From The Death Of A Bachelor Video

Back to the lyrics relating to the music video I believe that they strongly do so. The main lyric that I find does sum up the video in one lyric sentence is actually the opening lyric ‘Do I look lonely? I see the shadows on my face’ Essentially this basically gives you a visual of the music video even without viewing it and as soon as that first line is sung at the same time as the video, it’s like it is coming to life visually as we see Brendon alone in a barley lit empty ballroom with the monochrome colours showing shadows on his face demonstrating that the music video and the lyrics are linked together immaculately.

“Death Of A Bachelor” is very important to me. It expresses the bittersweet (but mostly sweet) end of an era. A look back at a part of my life now deceased. An “It’s A Wonderful Life” esque look into a possibly different future. But mostly an appreciation for the present.” – Brendon Urie.

Once you have watched this video once, you will for sure find yourself regularly going back to view it on many occasions. Just a warning for anyone who is going to watch it.

Watch the music video for Death Of A Bachelor – 


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