My Top 5 Songs Of 2015

As it is coming to the end of another year it was only right that I stated and explained my five favourite songs that were released this year. Of course because this blog is dedicated precisely to One Direction, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The a Disco this has influenced my choices. Although at the end I have composed some of my most played and most loved songs from more of my favourite bands outside these three. So seeing as it is the last ever day of 2015 I thought I would upload today instead of a Friday. Let’s begin to discuss my top 5 songs from the current year.

Top 5 songs of 2015:

  1. Victorious – Panic! At The Disco
  2. What A Feeling – One Direction
  3. Forth Of July – Fall Out Boy
  4. Drag Me Down – One Direction
  5. Irresistible – Fall Out Boy

Victorious – The second song released in preparation for Panic! At The Disco’s fifth album, Victorious got me hooked immediately. No matter how many multiple times I may listen to this song, every time I feel as if I have been given the power to take on the world and be successful in doing so. The power and force created by the vocals especially the octave range vocalist Brendon demonstrates in this song along with the blend of choice of lyrics and the pitch of the instrumentals just give this song definition and the obvious emotion of Confidence in being Victorious. Quite possibly my number one songs released this year.

What A Feeling
– Out of the list one of the more calmer songs taken from One Direction’s Made In The A.M. album this was the first actual track that left a positive lasting impression. Like I previously discussed in my review of the album, this song opens up my creative, imaginative side when absorbing every detail involved within this piece and I believe any song that has the capability to do this, it’s a magnificent song. Even though this album hasn’t been out for a long period of time, it has still been stuck in my head ever since it’s release date.

Forth Of July
– From the incredible album American Beauty/American Psycho released right at the beginning of the year at first listen to this track I knew this was up there with not only in my top three Fall Out Boy songs but my pick of my stand out tunes of this era. I think what got me deeply into this song out of all the others on the album was the real catchiness during the intro, chorus and bridge using techniques such as repetition of a single word to make this track memorable which undeniably worked for me wanting to go back and listen to Forth Of July over and over again in 2015.

Drag Me Down
– Undeniably one of the biggest hits during the later half of this year created by the biggest boyband on the planet, of course it was going to be on my list of my top songs from the past twelve months. Over the years, One Direction have defiantly stepped up their maturity game both physically and musically with a prime example being Drag Me Down. Incorporating a hint of reggae into this masterpiece evidently being shown in the bass hook in the intro gently fading out as the song progressed, this is such a strong sign that One Direction have mass appeal musically alone. Of course in the run up to the boy’s fifth studio album in five years Made In The A.M. coming out, I found this song on repeat everyday.

– Instrumentals, instrumentals, instrumentals. That is the core element for me personally that made me place Irresistible in my chosen favourite songs released in this time frame. Fall Out Boy stay true to the selfs in this song however cleverly throw in a curve ball to make this songs have a personality also. Love the use of horns heavily as soon as you hit play on this song building anticipation and excitement to hear what comes next. There is also a raw anthemic sound and feeling similar to Centuries built by the transitioning between segments of the song and the pairing of the snare and kick drum leading us into the almighty chorus really drew my attention to this song finding it one of my most played tracks especially in the summer months.

Honourable mentions from other bands:

  • Old Scars/Future Hearts – All Time Low
  • West End Kids – New Politics
  • Happy Song – Bring Me The Horizon
  • Kill Or Be Killed – New Years Day
  • Tear In My Heart – Twenty One Pilots

There we have it. This year in my opinion has been a great year for music especially album releases and tours by some of my bands I like. Already we are aware that Panic! Are releasing their long awaited album Death Of A Bachelor on the 15th January therefore, this may be an early sign that we could be in for another year of fantastic music, albums and tours.

Feel free to check out my pick of 2015’s finest songs by some of my favourite bands here on spottily.

Victorious by Panic! At The Disco –

What A Feeling by One Direction –

Forth Of July by Fall Out Boy –

Drag Me Down by One Direction – http://7LnU0hAOYe9aq91PCKMI7A

Irresistible by Fall Out Boy –

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