Panic! At The Disco Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time Review

It’s another post about Panic! At The Disco again! They have been releasing so much new material from their brand new album which excitingly is released next Friday and as the anticipation is building up to this date Panic! have yet again ignited this suspense further and released another track from Death of A Bachelor titled Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time and coincidentally, this was perfect timing for me to do a review of the song which defiantly left a positive lasting impression on myself and hopefully anyone else who has listened to the track.

Before I get started, I will also be doing a big overall review of the album and my personal pick of favourite songs when it comes out so check back for that on around two weeks time. Plus on top of this upcoming album review, I am luckily going to see Panic! next Tuesday so of course there will be a post all about my experience I had when the time comes around after the gig which I think will be very enjoyable to write about. Moving on from these future posts let’s begin reviewing Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time.

 “This is your theme song for the new year.” – Brendon Urie.

The most attention grabbing part for me in the song was the vital instrumentals especially the heavy, echoing guitar segments and riffs highlighted during the into to the song, giving the opening some momentum. The guitar tuning and alterations gave off a very rustic western feel which I absolutely loved a lot because it seemed like a step out of their comfort zone. However when the song proceeds on into the first verse a piano makes an appearance which reminded me often ends of Nine In The Afternoon combined with The Ballad Of Mina Lisa therefore kind of sticking to Panic’s! Originality but at the same time they display they are taking risks through over elements. Additionally on too of these instrumentals, the drum work especially it’s small solo just after the bridge transitioning into ending truly shows the amount of instrumental work and effort that went into this piece.

When Brendon’s talent kicks in the form of his distinct vocals, They come across strong, powerful and essentially the centre of this piece. The track or instrumentals don’t seem to overpower his voice, making every word clearly heard making it easy to memorise and pick up on the lyrics through the tone Brendon was singing at in this song. 

Lyrically, from my perspective when I inattentively listen to the song it kind of puts me in a dream world in which a massive party is being held and a variety of different activities are taken place within one place. From just the lyrics alone from Brendon point of view, it’s like he is having backtracks and hallucinations to a period of time in which he may of attended numerous parties and then through the lyrics he kind of expresses what the morning after a heavy party is like which comes across as confused and distorted which in comparison to other songs previously released from the upcoming album gives us a flavour of what the entire albums message is which could be Brendon’s life before he fully matures and transitioned into adulthood and got in a serious relationship. 

The only real critique I have based on the lyrics is the repetition of some of the introduction found throughout the song generally after the chorus and bridge. Even though it was more than likely used to enhance catchiness and memorability I think that phrase was used just once too many times eventually making this section a tad repetitive.

Even now I can’t stop putting Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time on repeat every aspect I like about it and this is my kind of song a more gritty and harsh sound which to me has the appeal to be featured in a movie soundtrack it’s that worthy.

Panic! At The Disco – Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time – 9.5/10

“Can’t even tell if this is a dream.” – Brendon Urie. (Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time)

Haven’t listened to Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time yet? Or just simply want to replay it? Here are the links you need.

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