Fall Out Boy (Ft Demi Lovato) Irresistible Music Video Review

As Fall Out Boy decide to release a literal trilogy of music videos for their highly appreciated song Irresistible taken from their most latest album American Beauty/American Psycho. This time around the video features female soloist Demi Lovato both on the track and in the video itself. Therefore I think this calls for a review in the scenes in the music video alone.

Fall Out Boy with guest vocalist Demi Lovato in the third music video for song Irresistible

First of all just a backstory of how the concept of the video was created. Along with this music video Fall Out Boy posted a blog post stating the influence they had taken for the third version of Irresistible. Essentially it is based around the culture and way boy band NSYNC originally shot some of their most famous videos and it was evident that Fall Out Boy wanted to have a artistic narrative of that even a thrown together band can become worthy of success. Which I believe they greatly applied to this video in their own individually interpreted style which defines them as artists but on the other hand shows that they have other musical influences hence the analog.

“Believe it or not we still believe in the magic of making these things-thank you for being a part of that with us.” – Fall Out Boy.

On to the footage seen in the music video, the fluent transitions between the real life fall out boy and the doll form were consistent which was a good way to regularly remind viewers of the story and perspectives being show which even visually shows that they are able to apply their narrative to their video which for me makes it successful already. 


Fall Out Boy with guest vocalist Demi Lovato in the third music video for song Irresistible

In general I think the cinematography and camera angles and shots were really nicely done especially in the scenes when Fall Out Boy were with Demi playing. I admired how there were many close up shots of each individual band member and Demi but there were also more wider shots such as the landscape camera angle fitting which included everybody in one singular shot. This seems like such a small element to be discussing in any music video but without an extensive range of different cinematography, nobody will be able to view things from different positions instantly making a music video bland.

Lastly, the amount of effort gone into the effects department and lighting within this video is unreal. The use of green screening and possible forced perspectives used to make the guys of Fall Out Boy look smaller in doll form on a shelve that in real life was perfectly carried out which I believe made the narrative come to life even more. 

The Final scene of the latest Irresistible video

Even though Pete did post a few pictures a couple months back revealing small hints from behind the scenes from the third Irresistible video on social media platform Instagram, for a ‘throw away video’ I was not at all expecting this type of video but when I watched it I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

What do you think of the music video for Irresistible featuring Demi Lovato? Let me know in the comments. 

Watch the third music video featuring Demi Lovato to Fall Out Boy’s song Irresistable right here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Lb2BiUC898




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