Panic! At The Disco Death Of A Bachelor Album Review

It’s been a solid week since the notable release of Panic! At The Disco’s fifth studio album and the first album where last original member Brendon Uire has had full control over the albums creation which was in fact recorded way back in April last year titled Death Of A Bachelor.


Panic! At The Disco’s latest album Death Of A Bachelor

Death Of A Bachelor Track Listing:

  1. Victorious – 8.5/10
  2. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time – 9.5/10
  3. Hallelujah – 6.5/10
  4. Emperors New Clothes – 10/10
  5. Death Of A Bachelor – 9/10
  6. Crazy = Genius – 9/10
  7. LA Devotee – 8/10
  8. Golden Days – 8/10
  9. The Good, The Bad And The Dirty – 7.5/10
  10. House Of Memories – 8/10
  11. Impossible Year – 9/10

Throughout the entire album, it’s evident that in numeorus songs there is a distinct inspiration and sentiment behind the creation of a selection of tracks. For example in title track Death Of A Bachelor and Crazy = Genius a heavy influence in this duo of tracks is Brendon’s musical idol Frank Sinatra. Both song depict a 50’s swing and jazz combo esque style which I think everyone expected tracks such as these ones in this album giving Brendon the oppitunity to pay homage through his own music to his hero. However further down the line, coming across tracks like Victorious and Golden Days are absolute polar opposites in sound comparison to the two previous songs mentioned. Instead, this pairing now portray powerful anthemic styled songs, which is enhanced through catchy hooks both vocally and instrumentally. In perspective, although multiple of songs give off a wide variation of different styles and simultaniously fit into groups, this can be both a positive and negative aspect. This can either show diversity and exploration of multiple genres or consequently it can be confusing to possible new listeners of Panic! At The Disco’s music.

” I can’t express enough just how excited and grateful I am for you endless support and enthusiasm through all of this.” – Brendon Urie (via Instagram)

Lyrically this entire album works. By now Panic! no matter the capacity of band members are very renowned for their choice of elongated, complex lyrics which have been consistent ever since first album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. What I truly liked about the lyrical content contained in this present album is the connection and linking together of lyrics, meanings and emotions behind songs. A clear demonstration of this is displayed in two tracks Golden Days and House Of Memories with the lyrical link between these songs being the metion of polaroids with the first song talking about the discovery of a pile of polaroids found in crates in a record shop and the second song then talking how these polaroids develope and immediatly there is a link.

After watching Brendon’s videos he posted on Twitter giving a de-brief of each song and of course listening to the album thoroughly on many occasions which is becoming part of my daily routine it’s clear to see the amount of work and effort he has dedicated in making and perfecting the albums contents and I believe this work has certainly paid off with the album going number 1 in over 18 different countries. Even though for me, this album does not top my favourite Panic! At The Disco album which is Vices and Virtues, the collection of songs found in this album Death Of A Bachelor massivly shows Brendon’s full individuality , evolution and uniquness which in the music industry, is a major aspect to show adaption to change. Overall definatly worth a listen. more than once.   

” I remember a few months ago when Brendon Urie emailed me with the subject ‘new songs’. I couldn’t wait to open the email but at the same time I wanted to find the perfect place to listen – this is important I will return to it… What I heard was the beginning of what would become ‘Death Of A Bachelor’. – Pete Wentz (via Instagram) 

Here are all the links you need to listen or even purchase the album if you haven’t already or just casually listen to the album:

Listen to the full album on Spotify –

Or if you prefer YouTube, you can listen to each track individually here:

Golden Days

Impossible Year

House Of Memories

Crazy = Genius

The Good, The Bad And The Dirty

Emperors New Clothes



Death Of A Bachelor



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