One Direction History Music Video Review

Out of the blue on Tuesday afternoon even though they are only in the early days of their deserved hiatus, One Direction are still dropping musical surprises. On this occasion. it was in the form of a music video for their fan dedicated song History off the groups latest album Made In The A.M. This couldn’t come at a better time, luckily giving me something One Direction related to write about.


Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam in the brand new music video for song History which made its internet debut on Tuesday


The guys of One Direction overlooking a massive crowd of fans lining the street during their time on the Where We Are Tour which is featured in the music video

I think many people suspected what this music video would entail, based off the bands final performance before their break and obviously the songs title it got minds racing with thought and ideas of the kind of elements that will be featured in the music video. Appropriately when the time came and the video was released without warning, it was more than likely what we all imagined and destined it to be a fitting mixture of footage of the four guys in the present day and a elegant montage of old memories and moments Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn have had in the past, greatly living up to the song and videos title.


The guys of One Direction in the present day


A clip from one of many music video clips from the video Kiss You that was featured in the History music video

The technique of putting the footage of the boys in the past I liked a lot making the videos title clearly have strong correlation to the scenes shows in black and white of their history together as a boyband. Because of these moments shown scattered throughout the video, such as there first ever tour as a five piece are in the past but of course are highly treasurable memories to the boys and fans it was totally suitable for these videos to be shown in these colours making them seem like flashbacks. Plus this montage in comparison to the shots of the guys as they are now, needed to be enhanced for individuals to be able to tell the difference. So by using noticeable different colour schemes, this easily differentiates the two different sections.

” It talks about History between ourselves and the fans.” – Niall Horan (One Direction)

However as much as I like all the elements that make up this elegant music video, I personally would of like to seen some moments from One Direction’s ashtonishing film This Is Us seeing as it was one of their most biggest successes and milestones during the middle of their career and equally for fans.


One of the last scenes seen in the music video of the four guys almost celebrating and being happy of where they are today as a group

Finally, with the end scene showing the guys parting ways, could signify that they will go off to do individual projects during the bands break. Although they will hopefully come back during the summer of next year even bigger and better.

“History has so much to it and so much meaning.” – Louis Tomlinson (One Direction)

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my first viewing of the History music video, with it bringing back many great moments related to One Direction.

Check out the incredible music video for History by One Direction right here:

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