ZAYN Pillow Talk Review

It been a long time coming and at last Zayn Malik now known in the music industry as ZAYN dropped his first considerably explicit solo song Pillow Talk followed up by the rather dynamic artistic music video. Considering Zayn was a former member of One Direction, one third of bands I dedicate this blog to and even though he is flying solo, it would only be right to incorporate his own personal projects too. Here is my own review of Pillow Talk by ZAYN.

One of the most highlighted aspects to this song is undeniably Zayn’s positively penetrating vocals specifically in the chorus where they are at their most superior standard. Zayn has been established over the past five years for his compelling voice. However for me sometimes in certain sections of the song the backing track seems to overpower and dominate Zayn’s vocals for example in the first two lines of the chorus I think the track could of tones down and in any potential breaks in the song, the dynamics could of changed and the backing track could of gotten louder.

“I’m feeling excited, I’m feeling nervous, I’m feeling happy I guess because I get to do what I want to do.” – ZAYN (Zayn Malik)

In all honesty, the lyrics are not super impressive. Anytime I have the song playing there is no real lyric that stands out and grabs my attention immediately, which is usually the first element I personally look for in any type of genre. Although one writers and poetry technique I noticed again primarily in the most catchy section of songs the chorus, are a few rhyming couplets which essentially mean two lines of the same length that rhyme or complete each other.

The dynamics and effects used electronically and musically for the backtrack of the song noticeable in the transition between the introduction and the opening of the first verse is a very likeable element for me at least. The dynamic switch like an almost underwater effect that takes place right before the first lyric line kicks in already gives off the genre and style of the song, which to me is a very R and B influenced song which really has been Zayn’s style of music all along.

I think for Zayn’s first solo song, he has done really well and has absolutely expressed himself in the contents of this song, which must be very important to him now as a new solo artist.

ZAYN – Pillow Talk – 7.5/10

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