Panic! At The Disco Victorious Performance Face Off (Ellen vs Jimmy Kimmel)

Ever since the beginning of the new year, Panic! At the Disco have been recently dominating TV Screens, radio stations and online interviews across the globe. From Brendon appearing on MTV to doing a session for shaman, Panic! Have surely been doing their fair share of concerts, promotions and performances even since the release of fifth studio album Death Of A Bachelor. Therefore to bring a little something new to my blog, I’ll be starting a series in which I will select two recent performances by some of my favourite bands and they will be out up against eachother to determine which performance is better based on factors such as stage presence, enthusiasm, vocals/instrumentals and interactions. So to kick off this series I’ll be putting into battle Panic! At The Disco’s relatively recent performance they did of the Ellen Degeneres show versus again their performance this time on a Jimmy Kimmel which took place a few weeks back. Let the battle commence!

“I was never really great at sports. Never picked first for the team. But what I missed in that regard, I made up for in passion and intensity…That’s truly victorious. Giving it your all when it’s all you have.” – Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco)

First up we have the energetic performance of Victorious that took place on the highly renowned chat programme the Ellen Degeneres show. Straight away before vocalist Brendon Urie even begins to sing, his enthusiasm and stage presence is already being portrayed. The very moment the backing vocals and instrumentals kick in, Urie is seen jumping and dancing around which immediately demonstrates his passion and enjoyment for doing live performances no matter if this may be on daytime television or in front of thousands of people at a gig, no matter what it was evident that his enthusiasm and stage confidence as a performer on this show was hugely noticeable and is highly likeable.


Panic! At The Disco performing on the Ellen Degeneres show recently

In terms of more musical elements such as Brendon’s vocals specifically heard throughout the performance of Ellen the main comparison that will be made to determine which performance was overall stronger, of course the extended nite in the introduction of Victorious will be a huge factor to compare to one another. On the Ellen performance, I think Brendon’s vocals just topped his vocals on the Jimmy Kimmel live performance seeing as he used a lot more vibrato which essentially means he changed the tone and pitch of his vocal range more frequently throughout , for me giving the performance more depth, texture and life which came across simply and naturally from Urie’s vocal abilities.

“I wanted to showcase the party in me.” – Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco)

Up next it’s again Panic! At The Disco’s performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show again of probably the most popular song from their most recent album again, Victorious however this time around this performance was also being broadcasted but it was more in a outdoor gig format that a more formal style like the performance on the Ellen Degeneres show. Even though this kind of setting is more common to Panic! I feel as if even though they were on a big stage, in comparison to the set on Ellen it seemed more restricted and harder to communicate and interact with audience and possible touring members than it was on Ellen. A solid visual demonstration of this was during the last segment of the performance over on Ellen where after Brendon’s famous backflip took place we saw him running up the stairs through the crowd which defiantly showed more interaction and enjoyment

This time around, Panic! At The Disco are performing on the Jimmy Kimmel show

However despite Brendon’s vocals being the strongest in the first performance I talked about in the introduction to the song, For the majority of the rest of the song it is hard to decided on what performance his vocals were just that bit more supreme although I think that they did sound a bit more crisp and clear on the Jimmy Kimmel live performance.

The final comparison that I picked up on is that throughout all the performances of this song, Brendon almost tells the story or narrative that the lyrics are expressing through small actions and movements at the same time he is singing. I absolutely love every time he does this because it almost is putting the lyrics into a different format which is a very underestimated, but effective technique to use. Linking this back to the face off of these two performances even though there was a fair amount of this story telling being shown in each individual performance, I’m going to have to give it to Panic! At The Disco’s performance on Ellen just because from my perspective I felt the demonstrations were more clear and understandable. 
So finally taking all these aspects into account, the best performance of Victorious by Panic! At The Disco has to go to the performance on the Ellen Degeneres show based on the fact that the energy, charisma and musicality in this performance was just so infectious and enjoyable.

“The monsters out of the cage. All I want to do is party.” – Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco)

Have you watched both of these performances? Do you agree with me? Be sure to let me know your opinion down in the comments below and also if you have any suggestions on performances I can pair together and face off next time from any of these three bands: One Direction, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. 

Here are the links you need to watch both of these performances on YouTube:

Ellen –

Jimmy Kimmell –

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