Fall Out Boy (Ft Demi Lovato) Irresistible Performance (Ellen) 

Indeed this weeks blog post is again a performance review, although this time around with four piece band Fall Out Boy with their performance of their latest version of popular song Irresistible taken from their American Beauty/American Psycho album with guest vocals from female soloist Demi Lovato which they both reunited together this week to perform this hit on the Ellen Degenres show. Shortly after fellow label friends Panic! At The Disco performed on the same show within a short window of time as Fall Out Boy, I thought I could follow this trend and do this with my blog with last weeks post partly analysing Panic’s! Performance at Ellen and now this weeks blog post being a small overview and review of Fall Out Boy’s performance of Irresistible featuring Demi.


Fall Out Boy recently on TV performing Irresistible

Even though this version of Irresistible is a collaboration compared to the original, I liked that during the opening and verse of the performance Fall Out Boy opened up the song as a band with Demi joining them slightly later on during the beginning of the second verse which differentiated the performance from the actual songs structure where normally Demi’s vocals would join in pretty much immediately in the first pre-chorus. Plus by the guest vocals being joined with vocalist for the band Patrick’s vocals this also shows the songs originality and then when Demi joins the guys onstage it then almost quickly switches to the other version of Irresistible which is defiantly a positive I picked up on during this performance. 

Vocally for me this performance had it all especially from frontman Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. In the more calmer, highlighted segments of the song such as the verses really seemed to bring out his vocal strength and for some reason in this performance every lyric that he sang seemed defined and refined but I think that was just down to Patricks vocal talent and possibly the setting of the performance being in a studio may of potentially provided more enhancement.  


The latest version of Irresistible featuring female solo artist Demi Lovato

Lastly when featured artist on this track Demi Lovato then joined the performance from that moment was full of harmonies and to my ears this was joyful to hear because both Patrick and Demi have such big voices, it was important that at some points they were both at the same level and by harmonising together on certain lyrics justified that the idea of this collaboration wasn’t such a bad idea after all and that it had potential as another version of Irresistible

And that concludes this blog post. If you have already seen this joint performance feel free to let me know what you think of it. Was it an Irresistible performance? Drop a comment below. 

You can watch Fall Out Boy’s performance featured in this post here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2yt8bO_pEQ&edufilter=na&safe=active

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