Attending Concerts Alone: My Experience And Advice

Ever attended a live music event alone? Or just want to know in advance for a potential time when you might have to go it alone? Then this weeks blog post is totally suitable for you, as I’ll be giving my experience of going to concerts by myself at a variety of different sized venues. Along with this, I’ll be giving some tips on how to fully appreciate whatever music event you may be going to in the near future.

Throughout my whole time of going to concerts, in total I have attended six concerts which I am hoping to expand this number in the future and out of these six concerts so far I have been to three of them all by myself, so the idea of going to gigs alone is something that I am becoming more apparent to. Hopefully through these words I can ensure and persuade anybody out there that going to events by yourself is not as dreadful as it appeals to be. And if I was asked would I rather get the chance to go to a music gig with a relative or friend or on my own, in all honesty I would respond with the answer of going by myself because from my past experiences, I can remember more of the memories and cherished the moments from the times I have been alone in comparison to going with company. 

Over the occasions in which I have seen Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy and former band Kingsland Road live with nobody for company, I have accumulated some advantages and disadvantages which are listed below. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of attending concerts alone

  • You will appreciate your surroundings and become more observant
  • Gain a fuller more enjoyable concert experience
  • Your independence will be in full force
  • You have the freedom to do things at your own leisure
  • You have the opportunity to build friendships and meet new people with the same common interest as you
  • You will not have any distraction sources
  • However, you can’t share the same fun and enjoyment with people you already know
  • There is a slight possibility that you can get lonely at times between intervals

For all you people having doubts about going to see an artist you admire just because no one else is able to make it with you, trust me at first you will feel nervous but once you get into the concert spirit you will forget you are even by yourself. Just ensure that you still roughly plan your day out, come prepared and don’t forget to enjoy yourself and remember out of everybody in the crowd you are actually not the only individual that is alone.

In relation to this blog post, I think this is the perfect time to announce that within the next month, a similar post will be going up regarding my favourite concerts that I have been to at this point in time. So if would like to have a look at this post when it goes up, you are more than welcome to come back and check when that post goes up. 

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