Zayn Like I Would Review 

So again out of the blue, Zayn has surprised us all once again by dropping his second confirmed single titled Like I Would this week in preparation from his first solo debut album when it drops on Friday 25th March. After listening to this individual song on repeat ever since it was mysteriously released, I think a review of the song Like I Would would be suitable. 

The first time I heard literally the first five seconds of the introduction to the song, I immediately clicked with the song. Zayn’s vocals come straight into the song which depending on a number of factors such as genre and any other musical influences such as instrumentals and effects can both hinder or enhance the song. As a result, by Zayn’s powerful yet easy going vocals immediately along with the backing track and samples defiantly do bring out the need to want more of this song. 

‘Stop wasting all my time, messing with my mind.’ – ZAYN (Like I Would)

During the verse’s of the song, transitioning into the pre-chorus’ of Like I Would the vocals are turned up on the intensifying scale, bringing in some melody lines that in synchronisation with the track that flows nicely along with Zayn’s voice do support each other effortlessly. When and if He does ever sing this song live, which I am sure he will do eventually after the release of his album, this will be the prominent part of the song because everybody can sing along with it which seems like such a promising idea. 

Next up, it’s the most memorable section of any type of song the chorus. Ultimately, did Zayn tick the box of catchiness and memorability? He certainly did with the chorus of Like I Would. Finally the instrumentals of drum tracking join along with Zayn extending notes throughout the chorus and repeating phrases which for any artist is an easy yet effective way to get your song and lyrics remembered which is so attention grabbing. 

‘If we can never go back thought you’d like to know that.’ – ZAYN (Like I Would)

Lastly, looking at the bridge or transitioning section and comparing this to the usual role of what the bride of a song is about, essentially the bridge should be the more calmer, mellow structural part of a song. Yet when transforming into this part every aspect like the instrumentals seem to alter in dynamics a little however maybe not as much as I was expecting. Which to be honest, I actually enjoyed because it is kind of going against the standards of what this section entitles. 

Overall out of the songs been release so far from Zayn, This one has been my most favourite out of Pillow Talk and It’s YoU. Even if you are not a fan of Zayn or haven’t heard any of his material so far, I do highly recommend you give this song a chance. 

ZAYN Like I Would – 9/10 

If you haven’t heard this song as of now, and you would like to construct your own review of it you can listen to the song over on platforms YouTube and Spotify below.

Youtube –

Spotify –

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