Panic! At The Disco Victorious Performance (The Late Late Show) 

It was all brought to our attention this week that Panic! At The Disco was going to be performing on the ever so famous The Late Late Show with James Corden, and already for me this combination was destined for greatness! Of course Panic! was going to be performing arguably the most popularised song taken from recent album Death Of A Bachelor which was of course the most performed song recently which was Victorious.


Panic! During the opening scenes of performing on The Late Late Show

 As per usual, vocalist Brendon Urie was packed full of energy, charisma and vitality throughout the mere three minute television slot dedicated for the performance. But during that limited amount of time, the liveliness that Brendon was portraying made you feel as if you wanted to be in that crowd involved in the real atmosphere of the performance. Which clearly demonstrates that he has such natural stage presence, which can be transferred to many people through the median of music.


Moments before the notorious backflip occurred during Panic! At The Disco’s performance

If Urie’s stage presence and charisma wasn’t enough, during the bridge of Victorious the notorious back flip happened. Before incorporating the backflip into recent high profiled televised performances of this song, in concert and before the release of the most recent album this backflip was most seen in song Miss Jackson. However now mostly in television appearances, the backflip has been transported into newer song Victorious which I think is good to see it being incorporated into recent material, however sometimes it seems a little bit out of place. 


Panic! At The Disco were embedded in confetti on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Lastly, the ending of the performance on The Late Late Show was signified through colourful confetti…I thought I would just include this, because it was a nice touch that hasn’t really been used an awful lot in Panic! At The Disco performances. 

Thank you for reading this weeks post. Feel free to pay a visit again in the coming weeks where there will be another post based on Panic! At The Disco very soon. 

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen Panic! At The Disco performing on The Late Late Show below is the place where you need to go:

Panic! At The Disco performing Victorious –


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