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If you are a huge music lover like myself, it’s more than likely that you have been to live music events on several occasions and everyday it seems like all you think about is going to concerts and that’s defiantly the case for me. Therefore this consistent dreaming and thinking of going to more and more live music events, has influenced this post of talking through and completing the almost impossible task of putting all the concerts I have attended so far in an ordered list. This is going to be tough!


One Direction Where We Are Tour concert

1. One Direction – Where We Are Tour – Wembley stadium – Saturday 7th June 2014        

By far the most memorable concert I have has the fortune of witnessing in front of my very own eyes. The aspect that most excited me before going to the actual event was the setlist. Seeing that the Where We Are tour was based around One Directions third album, which coincidentally is my favourite album by the band Midnight Memories this instantly made it a day to remember. Although the main factor that actually made this concert top of my list was the atmosphere. 80,000 people with all the same musical common interest as you, packed in one of the world most famous stadiums just across the road from where the boy’s career began was defiantly a ‘you had to be there to experience it’ moment. Everything from the weather, atmosphere and of course One Direction and the setlist was just incredible and for sure a concert experience that is going to be extremely hard to beat no matter how many more live music events I may go to in the foreseeable future.


Fall Out Boy American Beauty/American Psycho Tour concert

2. Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho Tour – SSE Arena Wembley – Sunday 11th October 2015 

Yet another outstanding music experience that just slightly beat Panic! At The Disco to the number two position. Everything on this day just went right. Although I was a tiny bit nervous because this was my first big concert that I attended alone, Fall Out Boy, the music and the atmosphere took all these worries away. I loved the fact that the guys were so respectful, yet passionate which portrayed through their music, getting the whole crowd of around 10,000 people involved singing the lyrics which is such a connective feeling. Specifically Pete and Patrick did most of the interval talks, asking the audience questions and Pete telling us all a story about two wolves which I still remember five months on, which demonstrates that because the concert was so easy going that makes it all the more cherish-able and special.


Panic! At The Disco concert

3. Panic! At The Disco – O2 Academy Brixton – Tuesday 12th January 2016 

I have had the hardest time trying to choose which concert to place into second place, and it was such a split decision between Fall Out Boy and Panic! but it’s been made. I have actually done a detailed concert experience for this event here on my blog, which I totally raved about how amazing the setlist was. I’m going to say it again the setlist was Ultimately the best setlist I have heard out of all the gigs I’ve been to, which made my concert experience so much more enjoyable simply by the selection of the songs Panic! performed effortlessly. Also, Brendon’s enthusiasm and passion for his profession was great to see live and he consistently thanked the crowd throughout the show which made him so much more likeable and genuine. If you ever get to see Panic! At The Disco live, take that opportunity as quick as you can you will have the time of your life I can guarantee that.


One a Direction On The Road Again Tour concert

4. One Direction – On The Road Again Tour – O2 Arena – Friday 25th September 2015 

In comparison to the Where We Are Tour, even though the On The Road Again Tour was in a smaller venue and my seat was much closer to the boys and the stage setup, solely based on atmosphere and even setlist this concert was pipped to the post. Despite differences that I use to compare the two concerts such as staging, atmosphere and general planning of the day between the two this concert still was another great occasion. The boys were so genuine on stage between intervals of the setlist, which was a decent mixture of newer songs from album Four. They consistently involved themselves with the crowd, which lead to Harry talking about an audience member eating chips whilst singing. This concert was still amazing,however the atmosphere and setlist just wasn’t as good as all the other concerts listed above.


Capitals Summertime Ball 

5. Capitals Summertime Ball – Wembley Stadium – Sunday 9th June 2013 

Now for those of you who don’t live in the UK, you probably will have no idea what I am talking about right now. Capitals Summertime Ball is essentially like a one day festival, which is held yearly during the summertime at Wembley Stadium in London. Where mostly mainstream or up and coming artists are invited by hugely popular radio station Capital, to play a select few of their most popular songs in a festival style. Because this was one of the more real music events I started to go to, I did enjoy the whole day and evening very much because there was so much variety in terms of the artists performing with a few of my favourite consisting of Lawson, Olly Murs and Jessie J. However because this event really kick started my passion for attending concerts this event began to get moved down on my list. Although if you are in the UK particularly the London area, once you have been to one Summertime Ball, trust me every year you will want to go to every single one.

For my Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy and the second One Direction concert, if you would like to find out more about each one individually, I have written more in depth experiences which you can find here on my blog over on my concert experiences section or I’ll try and link them individually below. Be sure to let me know if you have ever attended any similar concerts like I have, it would be great to know if you had the same experiences.

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