ZAYN Mind Of Mine Album Review

It has finally arrived. Zayn Malik or should I say ZAYN debut album Mind Of Mine dropped drastically last week, and I think it’s safe to say that it has had a huge impact in the music world. After giving the deluxe album a thorough listen through ever since it’s release, it’s time to show my thoughts and feelings of the album in writing.


Zayn’s debut solo album titled Mind Of Mine

Mind Of Mine Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

  1. MiNd Of MiNdd (Introduction) – 3/10
  2. PILLOWTALK – 9.5/10
  3. iT’s YoU – 7/10
  4. BeFoUr – 5/10
  5. sHe – 5.5/10
  6. dRuNk – 8/10
  7. INTERMISSION: fLoWer – 3/10
  8. rEaR vIeW – 6/10
  9. wRoNg (featuring Kehlani) – 9/10
  10. fOoL fOr YoU – 9/10
  11. BoRdErSz – 4/10
  12. tRuTh – 3/10
  13. lUcOzAdE – 6.5/10
  14. TiO – 8.5/10
  15. BLUE – 5/10
  16. BRIGHT – 4.5/10
  17. LIKE I WOULD – 9.5/10
  18. SHE DONT LOVE ME – 6/10

As you can see from the track listing of the album above, songs highlighted in bold are some of my personal favourites from Mind Of Mine. Of course if you have listened attentively to the album, you can probably tell that the majority of my selection are the more up tempo, upbeat songs. Tracks such as “Like I Would, wRoNg, TiO” and highly popular song “PILLOWTALK” I believe define Zayn’s forceful vocals, which he is renowned for from being in One Direction and now carrying on that trend as a soloist. Not only do these tracks enhance Zayn’s vocal abilities, but also this element mixed with the melodies dispurst in the heavily influenced R&B backing track combined with any effects used on his vocals simply prove that there are some musically amazing songs on his first album. 

“Wasted every night gone fore every song faded every night dancing all night long” – ZAYN (dRuNk)

Another song I enjoy and find myself playing on repeat opposite to the rest of my favourites, “fOoL fOr YoU” captured my attention at first listen. It’s simplicity of the elegance of the piano piece paired with Zayn’s more soothing vocals, gently with the announcement of drums joining in the chorus actually give this album the much needed differentiation and dynamic needed to identify each song individually. Which be a difficulty to remember a basic understanding of the sound of each track, especially during the first listen of the albums entirety. 

“You’re caught between a dream and a movie scene” – ZAYN (fOoL fOr YoU)

However like every first debut album, many strengths and weaknesses can be easily identified. For me a major let down to Mind Of Mine was the lyrical content, texture and even on some occasions the dynamic levels between the backing track and the vocals. At first listen, no lyrics even in some of my select favourite tracks stood out for me which is unusual because lyrics are such a definitive factor which makes any song have life and enable a song to portray a story through the medium of music. And a constant running theme through the album was indeed the inadequacy of lyrical content. 

“This ain’t my scene, this wasn’t my dream” – ZAYN (tRuTh)

Also like I mentioned previously, a noticeable negative that is evident to pick up on is the dynamic and volume interpolated between the correlation of all the elements that make up the backing track and the vocals which I believe hindered the hearing visibility of the lyrics. For example tracks such as “BRIGHT” and “tRuTh” the lyrics and vocals are overwhelmingly overpowered, hidden and dominated by the tracking that is kind of meant to be in the background yet it does seem to take centre stage and taking into consideration the power of Zayn’s voice it is hard to understand why he would want everything else to overtake his vocals. 

“All the words melodies and memories stories that sound absurd I will tell no lies” – ZAYN (rEaR vIeW)

The detail that has been compacted into Zayn’s debut album comprised of eighteen tracks has defiantly shown the amount of production especially electronically. In terms of the instrumental work with the pure piano, daring drums, bold bass and substantial synthesisers often located in the tracking of many of the songs shows the precision am dedication imputed into this area of the albums work. This is demonstrated in songs like “PILLOWTALK” and “Like I Would” with the echoing technique used on synthesisers and additional vocals to add catchiness to songs which has a lasting positive impact. 

“This love is tainted” – ZAYN (fOoL fOr YoU)

This next point is irrelevant but when looking at the track listing and the style in which it is written, with certain words or letters capitalised to stand out, as a perfectionist in terns of writing this drove me crazy. But you have to give credit where it is due because it’s a simple yet distinctive way to add character to names of songs which was a neat idea. 

Altogether, there are a few songs that do lack in differentiation, dynamics and lyrical content and do drag the album down slightly but on the other hand, there are some impressive, solid sounding songs on the album that really do make it a successful debut album by Zayn.

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