Spring Playlist 2016

During the season of Spring which so happened to be my favourite season of the year, I have been finding myself listening to multiple songs on repeat every day throughout this time period. This luckily then sparked the idea of doing seasonal playlists, just so I can share with you guys the type of music I have been listening to for specific seasons and months. Here is my spring playlist.

1. Ribcage – Andy Black

With the release of frontman of Black Veil Brides and also individual artist Andy Biersack otherwise known in the music industry as Andy Black debut album The Shadow Side came out not too long ago, one track that caught my attention immediately was song ‘Ribcage’. The production and sound effects incorporated in the verse and pre-chorus make it worthy of being in a film. Paired with the catchiness of the chorus make it extremely easy to remember the lyrics immediately. One of the more musically stronger tracks from this album this has been consistently listened to a lot. 

2. wRoNg – ZAYN

I literally cannot escape from Zayn’s music at the moment. In this case, song ‘wRoNg’ taken from his first album Mind Of Mine is my favourite track. Although I’m still adapting to the metronome like sound in the transitioning sections between the chorus and verse, Zayn’s voice throughout the song and even along with the vocals from singer Kehlani are the magnifying factors that has made this song proudly feature on my spring playlist. 

3. New Perspective – Panic! At The Disco 

Instead of this song, at first it was going to be ‘That Green Gentleman’ however I realised that I have been listening to ‘New Perspective’ more frequently ever since Panic! At The Disco’s March Madness Music Festival performance. On the more sunnier spring days, this song would be listened to by myself all day long. The instrumental predominantly the guitar, vocals and lyrics come together to make this song suited to the spring time for me. 

4. Bored To Death – Blink 182 

New Blink 182 music has finally arrived in the form of ‘Bored To Death’ from upcoming album California coming out in July. A more of a recent fan, ever since it’s release this song has non stop on my mind. The chorus is insanely unforgettable and Travis’ drum work towards the end of the song is incredible and brought the song to an end powerfully. If you haven’t gotten into Blink 182, I highly recommend this song to get you started and I guarantee you will find yourself listening to an endless amount of their work. 

5. Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed – Pierce The Veil 

A very hard decision up against the likes of ‘The Divine Zero’ and ‘Circles’ but since the anticipated release of brand new album Misadventures this song has got me hooked onto the band Pierce The Veil. I enjoy the change of tempo with the instrumental throughout the entire song. A recent addition to my spring playlist, therefore I am excited to be listening to the song for many days to come in the season of spring and even beyond. 

6. Keep On Keeping On – Travie McCoy ft Brendon Urie 

This has been a song that I find myself going back listening to between times because I always forget how good it is. It so happens that between the months of March through to May, this song has made a comeback for me. Honestly I think the collaboration of the two very different voices of Travie McCoy and Brendon Urie in this song with influences from lyrics actually complement eachother to create a song that I always find myself thinking about resulting in me listening to it. Plus it’s very motivational, and we all need motivational songs in our life. 

If any of you bloggers have a spring playlist or actually do seasonal playlists like this, please let me know because I would really like to see the kind of music other people listen to in contrast to myself. I’ll link down below my spring playlist or my username over on Spotify if you would like to listen to any of the songs listed in this blog post, however it doesn’t have Panic! At The Disco’s ‘New Perspective’ because it’s simply not on Spotify.

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