The Band Tag

Judging by the title of this blog post, today I will be doing the band tag. Taking into consideration that my blog here is full of content in relation to bands, it is highly appropriate that the band tag must be done to display my further gratitude for bands.

Essentially what I have done in reguards to the questions is that there are a combination of a selection found from the internet and a few are also found over on YouTube. Therefore i have mixed them to create a version of the band tag.

Top 3 Favourite Bands?

Probably the most evidentially obvious question ever asked. Of course my top 3 favourite bands are One Direction (even though they are more of a boy band), Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. Although this question was still extremely hard to answer seeing as it is being directed at a band enthusiast.

Top 3 Band Member Crushes?

As of this present day, this topic is forever switching up but as of this present day the answer to this question is currently Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. I feel guilty for not incorporating Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides or Zack Merrick of All Time Low however, I blame the question seeing as it asked for only three people as a result restricting my response. 

How Many Bands Have You Seen Live?

I believe I have seen around six bands live which is a number I am hoping to develop in the near future seeing that I will be seeing Bring Me Horizon in concert in November which is a very excitable event. Let’s be honest who doesn’t love bands. And who docent love concerts. It’s a faultless combination.

Have You Got Any Band Related Merchandise?

Indeed I have. Anything from t-shirts to records to posters. My favourite piece of mercy defiantly is either a Bring Me The Horizon top or all the records I own. It’s impossible to pick.

Favourite Song At The Minuet?

My favourite and most listened to song right now is Blink 182’s ‘Bored To Death’ taken from upcoming album California set to be released this summer. So in preparation for this awaited moment, this song is a daily essential at the moment.

What Is Your Favourite Genre Of Music?

My favourite genre of music is pop-punk. Or pop-rock. Essentially the more alternative genre within music is my most listened to area.

What’s Your Favourite Album?

Vices and Virtues by Panic! At The Disco. This amazing album is packed full of songs that made me first get into listening to Panic! I just admire the amount of instrumental and large scale production work that went into the creation of Vices and Virtues. However a very close candidate to this is Midnight Memories by One Direction. Although definately my favourite album by a band is the forth studio album by Panic! At The Disco. It’s rather special to me.

What’s The First Song That Got You Into Liking Your Favourite band?

In all honesty, I have no recilection what was the first One Direction song I ventured across. On the other hand, I remember so vividely that when getting to know Panic! At The Disco, the very first song or music video that I found was ‘Ready To Go’ which actually lead me into discovering album Vices and Virtues simultaneously then I found video The Overture which I rather enjoy too seeing as it is a representation of the Vices and Virtues era.

What Would Be The Best Line Up For A Festival?

For this question I am going to limit my responce to ten bands because if I don’t, we could be here for a long while. My line up would consist of One Direction, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Twenty One Pilots, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, Blink 182, New Politics and New Years Day.

Do You Get Any Music Magazines?

Yes I do and usually when they come out, I get Kerrang and Rocksound. They hugely help me keep up to date on all things alternative in the music industry.

That was rather enjoyable. If anybody else out there that has not done this tag yet and is interested in music specifically bands, be sure to make me aware of your version of this tag by leaving me a link to your own band tag using these questions or a mixture of your own and I will certainly read them seeing that I really like finding out if anybody has similar music tastes. 




  1. BabyBichu
    June 11, 2016 / 2:27 pm

    Fall Out Boy and Panic at the disco really hit the rock scene today!
    Urie is also my crush in PATD!
    Yep I would prefer PATD’s third and fifth to their fourth.
    Their fourth album doesn’t appeal to me very much.

    • June 11, 2016 / 2:48 pm

      Definitely agree. I mean there are some good solid songs of Too weird to live too rare to die but in comparison to vices & virtues and death of a bachelor them two albums contain so many amazing songs.

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