How To Survive One Direction’s Hiatus 

A couple of months into One Direction’s eighteen month hiatus, and no doubt any fan including myself has been struggling to come to terms of real reality of life after the bands five year long non stop career of albums and touring. However we can find a way through the dark, by following six simple strategies to ease the boredom of normal life without consistent One Direction updates. These are my strategies and tips on how to essentially survive the remainder of One Direction’s eighteen month long hiatus. Directioners, this post is for you.

Create a playlist of all your favourite One Direction songs.

Strategy number one is to create a playlist of your personal favourite One Direction songs. Creating a playlist is vital within overcoming the hiatus seeing that this playlist you create can be used as frequently as possible to help with those short term blues of missing One Direction. I have created my very own ultimate One Direction playlist over on music platform Spotify with my playlist packed full of all my all time favourite songs with a select few including ‘Alive’, ‘Clouds’, ‘What A Feeling’ and ‘I Would’. I highly recommend incorporating some of your favourite tracks from each album to ensure that your playlist contains as much variety and diversity across all the stages of One Direction as possible.

Binge watch all the One Direction films.

Strategy number two is to binge watch all the films One Direction have produced as of this moment. Binge watching the films is the perfect excuse to socialise with all your friends or directioners who of course share the same common interest as yourself. Alternatively, you can decide to escape the stress and strain of everyday life by simple watching the films one after another independently. Either way, embrace the One Direction films in a sequence beginning with Up All Night: The Live Tour, This Is Us and penultimately ending with Where We Are: Live From San Siro Stadium. From experience as a Directioner myself, I guarantee by having a One Direction themed movie marathon, will fulfill those long empty hours during the bands break.

Follow One Direction update accounts on social media platforms.

Strategy number three is to follow any One Direction update accounts on social media sites. This is the most simple yet effective way to keep up to date on each of the members individual life’s outside of music. By following One Direction update accounts on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, you can get notifications when any of the One Direction members is working on a project or even just going by their daily routine now they are on hiatus this will definitely help any Directioner to always remember that the boys are not gone for good because they are always still active on social media too.

Relive the early days of the making of One Direction by watching their X Factor performances or video diary’s.

Strategy number four is to essentially cast yourself back to the fetus days of One Direction. This can involve watching a compilation of all their X Factor performances whether that be their solo auditions, being put together as a band at bootcamp or the live show performances, this will easily leave any true One Direction fan wondering where has the time gone ever since the beginning of their career. On the other hand, if you want to watch something more lighthearted the video diary’s the boys did during X Factor and embarking on the X Factor tour could be the perfect fixture for you, only if you can handle it.

Read a selection of One Direction’s autobiographies.

Strategy number five is to get intellectual and stimulate the reading senses by reading a couple, if not all of One Directions official, published books they have taken part in writing. One Direction: Forever Young, One Direction: Life As One Direction, One Direction: Where We Are: Our Band, Our Story and One Direction: Who We Are is the magnificent selection you have to choose from. Depending on whether you want to find out new information from the X Factor days or during The Where We Are Tour, this will depend which book you choose to delve into first. I highly recommend the third book from the band which is One Direction: Where We Are: Our Band, Our Story because this is defiantly one I find myself always falling back on to read.

Get creative and artistic by making some One Direction fan art.

Lastly, strategy number six is getting creatively motivated by making any form of One Direction fan art. This can include a range of things from making lyric sheets, drawing portraits of Louis, Harry, Niall and Liam, collages, or even re-creating One Direction music videos putting your own spin on them. This is such a unique strategy to involve yourself artistically along with your passion of being a fan of One Direction. This strategy by far is the most time consuming which will help you to keep busy throughout One Directions hiatus. Also if you do create any fan art, make sure to post it on any social media platform tagging the boys in your post of your incredible piece of fan art.

By incorporating or following these suggested six strategies that I have created within the first few months of getting through One Direction’s hiatus from my perspective, I am hoping to pass my techniques on to any fellow One Direction fans out there to help you survive One Direction’s hiatus.

If you are reading this and happen to be a One Direction fan too, welcome and as always leave a comment below this post telling me some of your strategies you have came up with regarding this topic. I always enjoy hearing from you.

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