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 A few weeks ago, it was made publicly aware that not only one but two bands that I admire and am positive thousands of other individuals do too are going to be featured on the soundtrack to one of the biggest films this year Suicide Squad which is essentially going to depict an American agency recruiting a bunch of super villains that are currently in prison in an attempts to complete certain missions and as a result save the world from an overlooking threat. Before the news broke that Panic! at the Disco were going to be doing a rendition of their famous cover song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and duo Twenty One Pilots were going to release a brand new song and music video for their original song ‘Heathens’, I was already extremely ecstatic about the release of the film watching all the official trailers on repeat on numerous occasions. But then to proceed to discover that these two incredible artists were contributing musically to the Suicide Squad soundtrack, I thought I would express my extreme excitement for not only for the film but the soundtrack strictly regarding these two artists right here. 

Beginning with Twenty One Pilots brand new song designed for this movie soundtrack, ‘Heathens’. At instant first listen with the film Suicide Squad’s theme and narrative in the forefront of my mind, the vibe and overall sound that the song portrayed to me fit the film absolutely perfectly. As soon as the track starts we are hit with Tyler’s vocals which seem to have a special reverb on them. In comparison to all the main song elements such as lyrics, structure and instrumentals, the reverb and general effects used on vocalist Tyler’s voice was for me, the most extenuated factor that immediately made the vital connection between why this song was created and what it is for which is the Suicide Squad movie coming out next month. The eerie reverbs not to mention the detailed yet quiescent instrumentals especially the drums provided by drummer of the duo Josh merged together to create the ultimate dark, deceivious and somewhat dangerous feel that I can relate to the films trailers underneath all the infectious humour that is shown. 

Likewise, along with Twenty One Pilots contribution of the song came along the music video. Throughout the music video, many perspectives are seen such as Tyler as a prisoner as if he was in the actual film, the duo’s real life profession of musicians came into play where they were performing for the rest of the inmates and lastly snippets of the upcoming film were scattered throughout the video also. The video alongside the song represented not only the film but the band at the same time because their unique style was exhibited throughout this pairing with everything ranging from lyrics to the roles Tyler and Josh played everything defined Twenty One Pilots. 

Furthermore unfortunately as of now Panic! at the Disco have not yet released an official version of their renowned cover song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ that has been recorded for this job. However looking at all their live versions of originally Queens song, and I’m sure that when the day comes and an official track and even a potential music video is released it’s going to be successful too. 

Any pending thoughts of the Suicide Squad soundtrack or even anything to do with one of the biggest movies of the year? Regarding such an important and amazing topic, definitely leave any comments below so we can discuss anything to do with this. I will certainly be glad to hear from you guys. 

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Twenty One Pilots Heathens

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