Summer Playlist 2016

Judging by the recent dramatic change in weather conditions in the UK, it appears that summer has definitely, probably, officially arrived. And what makes catching some sun rays or going on days out better? A summer playlist of course. Therefore because this couldn’t be done at a more appropriate season and time, I will be going through my summer playlist which has a noticeably larger capacity compared to my Spring playlist, that I have created packed full of various songs that not only suit this mid year season but all instantly give that feel good vibe which is highly associated to the summer.

1. The Sound – The 1975

Many songs by the 1975 particularly from newer album ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ are defiantly tracks destined for the summer time and festival season. However of course I believe that ‘The Sound’ one of the more recognisable tracks from this album because of its popularity would be an amazing song to put on whilst around friends and even family because of its familiarity. Catchy melodies, instrumentals and overall vibe of the song instantly reminds me of a festival in the middle of nowhere which of course would only happen during the summer months which is why this song is an absolute essential in anyone’s playlist.

2. Golden Days – Panic! at the Disco

Of course for me, it’s almost impossible to have any type of playlist without a Panic! song being features on it. Panic! at the Disco’s music ranging from their first album up to this years latest release all contain such a wide variety of songs suitable to any emotion, mood and in this case season therefore it makes it extremely easy to select a song from this artist to surely place in a playlist. Because it’s summer, song ‘Golden Days’ has been my pick of the Panic! songs because the guitar instrumental, lyrics lines such as ‘the air was sauna hot’ of course replicates the summer weather and lastly Brendon Urie’s vocals more towards the chorus with the elongation of words really give this song a summer boost.

3. Vroom Vroom – Charlie XCX 

Even though I think it’s evident that I am much more of a band enthusiast, I do allow a section of dedication to a select few of solo artists such as Charlie XCX. As soon as I found out that she was going to be realising new music in the form of this song, once I listened to it even though for me it is very different material to what she has previously released in the past, I very much adapted to it immediately. With the mention of summer related topics such as the beach this immediately subjected it to such a sunmer themed song.

4. Forth of July – Fall Out Boy

Even without listening to the song, can the title be any more suitable? The introduction to this song with the instrumentals alone slowly introducing lead singer Patrick Stump’s distinct vocals into the mix and further down the line the lyrics literally mention the word summer and of course the Forth Of July provide this song with the most justifiable reasons as to why this song by Fall Out Boy is firmly on my summer playlist.

5. Heavens – Twenty One Pilots

Recently talked about in more depth in last weeks blog post, this song has to be given another mention. Even though after listening to the song carefully, the overall feel and vibe of the song in my ears and mind isn’t very summer appealing because the emotion it gives off is quite on the negative side due to the minor piano chords and slower drum tempo. Never the less I think because of its release date and the fact that it is going to be features in one of the biggest films of the summer hugely effected my desire to place it specifically in my summer playlist. Plus I just can’t stop listening to it neither.

6. Los Angeles – Blink 182

Fresh of the relatively new release by Blink with album ‘California’ which is an album I took to liking promptly, one of my favourite tracks alongside ‘Kings of the Weekend’, ‘Bored To Death’ and ‘Teenage Satellites’, ‘Los Angeles’ just screams summer. The heavy instrumentals fundamentally provided by drummer Travis Barker features in the catchy chorus and consistent repetition of Los Angeles which individually just reminds me of sunshine and luxurious beaches contribute enough for this song in regards to summer.

7. Desire – Years & Years

Every since this song was released back in November two years ago, I instantly knew that this song was destined for the summertime and has been a regular yearly summer song. It’s soothing yet strong instrumentals and easily memorable lyrics throughout the whole songs structure, make ‘Desire’ such a collective summer song that will be so diverse to listen to with any crowd of people which to me is it’s main appeal especially at events such as a concert or festival because it’s such a crowd pleasing song.

8. Happy Song – Bring Me The Horizon 

Potentially on the more heavier genre in contrast to all these other spectacular songs, this had to be on this playlist in preparation for my Bring Me The Horizon concert coming up in November. However it had to be on my summer playlist because looking at the setlist and of course Bring Me The Horizon’s performance last year at a Reading and Leeds festival, this song just stood out as a more summer appealing tune and plus undoubtedly it is one of my favourite songs by the band which is the reasons why it ended up here.

9. Faded – Alan Walker  

Actually my favourite song seen on this playlist by far. This EDM or in elaborated terms Electronic Dance Music themed song is the absolute perfect poolside, holiday, beach or in general the best song to listen to on late summer evenings or nights particularly in the moment when the sun is setting. The intricate, calming and soothing piano introduction gradually allows the song to build up and gain momentum musically with the progression of more heavier electronic instrumentals taking place. Also for the summer time personally I love many EDM music during this season because I think the combination of warm or hot weather and more electronically sounds is such an unbelievable mixture and really does give that feel good feeling.

10. Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon

A hugely popular song loved by all people during the height of its popularity and release, the feel I think everyone including myself gets from this song is a must have summer anthem. The upbeat, funky and almost groovy feel applied to all areas of this song absolutely spell out summer.

If you liked this, make me aware of any songs that appeal to you during the summer time. It will be good to know any similarities or differences in our music taste’s.

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Summer Playlist


  1. BabyBichu
    August 1, 2016 / 5:59 am

    A PlayLIST WITH PANIC! AT THE DISCO and FALL OUT BOY must be brilliant!

    • August 1, 2016 / 9:33 am

      Every time!

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