Alternative Press Music Awards 2016

 So that time of the year rolled around yet again and just last Monday, the always anticipated Alternative Press Music Awards or APMA’s happened. For those of you who are unaware of what the APMA’s are, in shirt the Alternative Press Music Awards is an annual awards show recognising mainly bands in the alternative genre of music or any artist that is associated with this scene. Held in Columbus, Ohio this year. After watching the majority of the show, I say majority because here in the UK the awards show was broadcasted at 12:00am at night and unfortunately, I caved in and dramatically fell asleep in the last few moments of the awards show. However I will be trying to cover as much base in this post including events such as award winners, general antics and performances. 

“We are honoured to be involved especially with all the other bands who were nominated with us.” – Tyler Joseph (Twenty One Pilots) 

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy is seen during hilarious acceptance speech alongside his drun kit because he thought he won the award for best drummer rather then best vocalist which was making reference to his early drummer days during the formation of Fall Out Boy.

Kicking off with the first moments seen during the APMA’s, which was the big presidential race between band mates from All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barrakat as hosts again of this years award show not only was this their first job role, but they were competing to become President of the APMA’s which was decided on a worldwide twitted hashtag vote. Of course on multiple occasions before and during the event I was always on team alex based off factors such as his presence as potential president, his influential yet convincing speech as seen at the beginning of the show. Throughout there was updates on who was winning the race to become president however the result ended up with the opposition Jack Barrakat taking presidency only by a slight margin though. 

“Thanks to everyone who voted for our album.” – Josh Dunn (Twenty One Pilots) 

Tyler and Josh of Twenty One Pilots accepting not one but two skully’s at this years Alternative Press Music Awards via digital video due to touring commitments.

Moving onto the fortunate winners who received the coveted skully and the three main winners this year that really impressed and pleased me to see them rightfully getting their work in the music industry recognised. Beginning with the award for best vocalist, which ended up in Patrick Stump’s hands of Fall Out Boy. Of course I was super chuffed that Patrick won this award because his voice has been renowned in the industry for years as Fall Out Boy’s front man, and I think his genuinely hilarious little video speech totally proved that he deserved to win with it including that Patrick jokingly thought he won the award for best drummer which in reality went to CC of Black Beil Brides which I was overjoyed with too, for his time being a drummer in the early days of the formation of his band which I thought was rather ingenious. The next two awards I was glad to see go to the rightful owner was the categories for song of the year and best music video which was received by Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco. I had so much confidence and faith in Panic! definitely winning for best music video for ‘Emperors New Clothes’ because the effort and dedication that went into the commendable creation of that video was outstanding, so I did have a strong feeling in regards to that award. Although for song of the year, I was pretty much convinced that Pierce the Veil would take that one for ‘The Divine Zero’ bearing in mind the recent success of latest album ‘Misadventures’. Regardless I’m still proud of Panic! at the Disco’s success across the board. The last winner I was expecting to be big recipients was Twenty One Pilots for the two biggest categories, artist of the year and album of the year for ‘Blurryface’. This was highly expected that Twenty One Pilots would easily get these skully’s because the growth in popularity of the famous duo, probably with thanks to album ‘Blurryface’ has gained them so much fans and attention over the past two years and with this I had no doubts that the pair would clean up at the Alternative Press Music Awards. 

“I can’t even imagine winning this award. I didn’t know you guys knew I played drums so to win best drummer is over the top.” – Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) 

Brendon Urie was seen like Twenty One Pilots on two occasions casually accepting the awards for best music video and best song.

Progressing forward to the most featured moment up there with the award presentations, is the performances. This year only really one performance caught my attention, and that was of course the Andy Black and friends performance. If you haven’t watched this years APMA’s you will be totally clueless as to what Andy Black and Friends is. Essentially for one performance only Andy Biersack frontman of Black Veil Brides and soloist going by Andy Black grouped together some of his closest musician friends whom included Mikey Way, Quinn Allman, John Feldmann and band mate CC to play their instrument they have the best abilities in for one Andy Black performance. Exclusively known and Andy and Fire do for one night only they went on to proceed to perform two Andy Black songs the first one being ‘Louder That Your Love’ and ‘We Don’t Have To Dance’ taken from Andy’s first solo record ‘The Shadow Side’. I did enjoy the performance with Andy’s vocals being as solid and strong as ever and it was a satisfying twist for him to be joined in stage by other familiar artists in the same industry especially for the APMA’s. 

“Thank you guys for keeping the scene alive.” – CC (Black Veil Brides) 

Andy Black and Friends were one of the performers on the list at the APMA’s.

Just for contrast reasons, comparing this years Alternative Press Music Awards to the two previous years and I think for any viewer tuning in this year it was so clear that the awards show was made much more elongated than I think it needed to be. Even with the difficulties and problems the show had last year and comparing to the awards show two years ago went it first was introduced which was an amazing show back them, this year for me it just seems like the standards slightly slipped and I found myself getting easily distracted and slightly bored at times. Neverless I am still glad that this type of awards show for the styles of music featured in it and based around Alternative Press was created in the first place. 

“They may be playing music for us to be done with our acceptance speech now.” – Tyler Joseph (Twenty One Pilots) 

They may be bandmates however Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barrakat were battling as rivals to become the president of the APMA’s.

That was my take in this years Alternative Press Music Awards or APMA’s. Like me if you watched the awards show or even if you haven’t, I will leave a link to the winners list and you can then decided for yourself and definitely let me know what you thought about the recipients this year or absolutely anything else you would like to make vocal in the comments below about the awards show.
Winners list link: 

Alternative Press Music Awards 2016 Winners

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