One Year Of Drag Me Down 

Lately, it has been noticeable in the One Direction fandom that the date that the track taken from the four piece bands latest record ‘Made In The A.M’ titled ‘Drag Me Down’ was released. Seeing as this is quite the occasion, with it being the first song put out into the atmosphere since the departure of former band mate Zayn Malik. Therefore this momentous occasion along with the celebration in July of six years of One Direction, I will be doing a short review of both the song alongside the music video for the song ‘Drag Me Down’ seeing as my all time favourite posts to write are indeed music video reviews which is what will be occurring today.

Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry are seen going up in a lift in preperation for their trip to outerspace.

Kicking off with this two part blog post, with a mini review of the track. Casting my mind back to when I first listened to the song and instinctively straight away in the introduction and forever more running throughout the song, the sounds I was hearing from the bass portrayed a mild to heavy reggae feel which for a heavily pop influenced band such as One Direction, I was delighted to hear the experimentation of different genres of music that was definitely incorporated into their sound professionally and properly.

Group shots of One Direction on the grounds of NASA space station are shown throughout the music video.

Whilst on the tracks of instrumentals when the vocals of Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam eventually merged with them I think the connection between the two actually suited eachother well, with the instrumentals particularly the predominant bass enhanced the vocals further. The last main point I would like to cover, is the variety of the lyrical content. Firstly after listening to the verse’s within the song, traditionally there is meant to be slight lyrical changes in these sections however in ‘Drag Me Down’ there is no noticeable lyrical swaps or different words heard which for me does make the song hugely repetitive.

The spacesuits are on which means that the training is complete.

With the song review done, it’s time to move into to my favourites blogging topic the music video review. The first base and distinct thing seen in the music video, was the correlation of the whole nasa theme that connects with the lyrics in the song. As clearly seen in the video and location of where the video was shot, which was indeed at nasa headquarters did strongly relate to a select few of lyrics contained in ‘Drag Me Down’. For example because nasa is linkable to space, gravity and technology and with the main theme being gravity, this related to the title track name and lyric ‘Drag Me Down’ of course because with space having zero gravitational force you cannot get dragged down in that atmosphere. Overall this concept worked extremely well.

One of the many opening shots first seen in the ‘Drag Me Down’ music video.

Another think that caught me attention as a more underlying factor in the video was the use of camera shots and movements that were in synchronisation with the tempo of the song. Two main times that this occurred was during the pre-chorus transitioning into the chorus and in the bridge also. The section where the ore-chorus occurred the camera shots were very rapid and quick seeing as the tempo of the song during this time picked up pace. On the other hand the complete opposite of this happened later on in the video when we riches the bridge. The bridge section of any so his known for being when the tempo would drop and become more calmer and slower which was the case for ‘Drag Me Down’ both heard and visually demonstrated with slower motion shots depicting the four guys going up in a lift heading to space.

Harry’s job role was to learn how to comminicate with a futuristic robot.

Lastly one more thing I liked about the music video, which does link to the first point I made is the use of props. Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall all has different nasa related things they worked with. A robot was seen communicating with Harry, Louis was assigned to a very sleek looking car, Niall with the most fun job of using equipment to train him as a spaceman getting used to floating in zero gravity and Liam was using space gym gear to prepare for his trip into space. This touch of assigning each guy to a certain job role using specialist props, gave it that futuristic feel which was needed in order to make this music video successful, making the ‘Drag Me Down’ music video one of my favourite artistic video by One Direction.

Another role Louis had shown in the music video was to learn how to manually control a very technological looking vehicle.

If any of you guys would like me to do a specific review of any music video done in the past by either One Direction, Panic! at the Disco or Fall Out Boy I would be glad to hear your suggestions and I will for sure consider it and slot in within my blog post schedule. I’m definitely looking to do more Panic! at the Disco music video type blog posts so if anyone has any ideas in this area post a comment.

Music video link:
One Direction Drag Me Down Music Video

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