Artists I’m Enjoying In Summer 2016

Looking for new bands to discover or reignite your musical liking towards them? Then this brand new concept I have created will definitely be the place to link with any band or Artist enthusiast or individuals looking to discover new music. Paired along with my seasonal playlists, this new topic which I have grandly titled Artists I’m Enjoying during the forthcoming and current seasons will essentially explain and explore what two established and even underrated and unknown artists I have been consistently listening to throughout the periods of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. So look no further than this blog post to learn, discover and connect with myself and other individuals with similar interested in regards to music.

Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Thirty Seconds To Mars

The first band that I have properly discovered of late is Thirty Seconds To Mars. Currently composed of members Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević I did indeed discover this band during the worldwide release of film Suicide Squad which lead singer, Jared Leto is casted in. So after doing much extensive research originally on just Jared Leto and his acting, naturally it was destined to happen that I would come across his music career and band Thirty Seconds To Mars which it was later on revealed when listening to ‘Kings and Queens’ that I have briefly acquainted myself with a couple years ago, which has actually happened on a number of occasions with a variety of bands also. So far in terms of the bands music, I am absolutely loving the video and song ‘Up In The Air’ which is featured the very instrumental influenced album ‘Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams’ and in general the overall alternative sound that this band provides with their great music. The talent and not to mention the personalities of every member that makes up the ensemble is very admirable especially my favourite member Jared in every song his voice showing true passion and has such an infectious grit like texture to it. Even though I have only lately stumbled across this band I feel as if I know every detail about them because I basically did that thing when you identify with a new band, and you spend a good couple of endlessly watching interviews, music videos and listening songs. If you are so forth unaware of Thirty Seconds To Mars, I can’t highly recommend you enough to give them a listen and I promise you, you won’t look back afterwards.



The second band that I have knowledge about for a while now is Blink-182. Currently composed of members Matt Skiba, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker this three piece has deniateky been my band of the summer with Thirty Seconds To Mars of course. The main thing I believe that has restored my commitment for this band was definitely their latest album release of ‘California’. Track ‘Los Angeles’ which coincidentally is featured on my Summer playlist has been the starting point that has determined me to listen to all material by Blink yet again. Ever since I would say July the entirety of my summer has been spent listening to a variety of Blink-182 albums such as ‘Take Off Your Pants And Jacket’ and ‘California’ which are in fact my two favourite albums by the band in question. Also in relation to that last point, when I have spent my entire summer reliving all of Blink-182 songs old and new it actually really demonstrated there positive transition especially the time between albums ‘Neighbourhoods’ and ‘California’ with departures and arrivals of members and also in their music is so clear to hear that they have matured so much however, it is still that iconic sound that you would associate with this band. Again if you are unaware of Blink-182’s existence be sure to make yourself aware and listen to a variety of their material especially is you are a fan of the pop-punk, pop-rock, alternative genre.

If you so happen to be a fan of either of the two band mentioned, or if you are just going to make that miraculous discovery of their presence in the music industry, let’s definitely have a conversation in the comments about all things Thirty Seconds To Mars and Blink-182 because I can’t wait to listen to them further and talk about these artists with anybody that share the same enthusiasm and interest as I do.

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