Autumn Playlist 2016

With Summer officially coming to a close and the beginning of Autumn only just beginning, the time has come around once again for me to explain and show you guys the types of songs I have decidedto place on my Autumn playlist for this year. The first thing that comes to my mind when the work Autumn arises are Pumpkins, Gingerbread, Wood and Hot drinks hopefully I am able to portray this theme throighout my song choices and my most listened to material for this seasonal period.

1. A.M. – One Direction

I would say this is by far the most autumnal song on my autumn playlist this year. Taken from One Direction’s most modern release before the bands hiatus from album ‘Made In the A.M.’ this song is not actually my favourite track however it is progressively becoming one plus, it comes across like such a campfire song that I could not resist putting it on this playlist. The soothing vocals from all four counterparts and the simplistic guitar strumming. How can this not remind you of a campfire burning away on a calm autumns night whilst the brown, orange and yellow leafs brake away from trees? An absolutely perfect addition to my autumn playlsit.

2. Hurricane – Thirty Seconds To Mars

A recent addition and a band that I have discovered of late, Thirty Seconds To Mars ve a hugh handful of so many songs that are suitable for all seasons and out of the bunch I picked song ‘Hurricane’ this time around. Not onylbecause I have been listening tothis song repetedly throughout the beginning of this season but Jared Leto’s rasp and grit his vocals show singing the lyrics paired with the very strong instrumentals, distinct track and additional vocal effects in my mind, come across chilling and haunting at times which gave me the initial though that this incredible song must, must, must be mentioned.

3.  Miss Missing You – Fall Out Boy

A staple piece of music for the autumn time and duplicated with another Fall Out Boy song which I will talk about later on. I believe Fall Out Boy have such diverse material like Thirty Seconds To Mars, jam packed full of songs for all seasons especially for the autumn and winter time mostly. I think the main factor that correlates to this song and the linking to autumn in my brain, is that the music video is shot in black and white and has monochrome features also. Of course I could of easilly decided that this song could also be better for winter although, the whole youngblood chronicles feature seems very suitable for halloween with Patrick turning evil thanks to the people trying to steal rock and roll and of course his fedora and each other member being slowely killed off and with all the make-up and blood it just screams halloween which of course is in autumn.

4.  The House of Wolves – Bring Me The Horizon

With my Bring Me The Horzon concert literally on the horizon in November, I have of course been preparing listening to a mountain full of the bands songs mostly from albums ‘Sempiternal’ and ‘That’s The Spirit’. This obiously means at least one song must be features on my autumn playlist and even on my upcoming winter playlist nearer the time of the concert too. However one song I have been repeating over and over again and one that I think is more suited to this time of the year is ‘House Of Wolves’. To be honest I have no real justification for why this song is suitable for autumn however it is definately the song I havebeen listening to the most at the moment like throughout summer I was listening to both ‘Happy Song’ and ‘Throne’ way too much for my own good.

5. Kill or Be Killed – New Years Day

You may be able to notice a reaccuring theme happening right now. If not, during this period of time I don’t know why but my edgy more rock side does tend to become visable. Its probably due to the fact that autumn is highly assosiated with hallowen festivities. Therefore to fit in nicely with this ongoing theme, one of my ever growing favourite band New Years Day was so appropriate. At the moment and in realityever since the day I disocvered them, I have been addicted to Ash Costello’s raw, powerful voice especially throughout all song found on the bands most recent album ‘Malevolence’ Ash’s voice probably along side Haley Williams of Paramore are definately two of my favouirte female vocalists.

6. Alone Together – Fall Out Boy

Here is the second part to my duo of Fall Out Boy songs in my autumnal playlist. Even though ‘Alone’ Together’ actually is not at all one of my favourite songs ever or from ‘Save Rock & Roll’ but ever since I saw the band last year at the SSE Arena Wembley in London, whichI did a concert experience blog post which of course you can find right here, tht paticular song along with ‘Grand Theft Autumn’ have constantly been stuck in my head eversince I walked out that arena on that cold October night.

Now that you guys know my favourite and nost listened to songs for this season, to return the favour I would very much like to know a selection of songs that would be on yoir autumn playlists which you can leave in the comments section and I will ensureI reply to every single comment.

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Autumn Playlist 2016






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