Panic! At The Disco LA Devotee Music Video Review

At some point last week, when Panic! At The Disco asked everybody on social media to join us with some very confusing artwork depicting something very mysterious yet intising, this sparked off much speculation within the Panic! fans with many people believing it to be a cult. However you could say my thinking was much more musically orientated and bearing this in mind, I joined up straight away whatever it turned out to be because that’s how much of a Panic! fan I currently am, willing to sacrifice my basic details away to them. Ultimately the pending question was answered just a couple of days after this event, in the form of an American arena tour which I believe everyone living else where is hoping they will expand.Alongside another music video was released for ‘LA Devotee’ another track taken from this years release of album ‘Death Of A Bachelor’. With a gap needed to be filled for this weeks blog post, this could not have arrived at a better time.

Urie is depicted communicating through a screen in the ‘LA Devotee’ music video.

One point that caught my attention throughout the music video was the visuality and effects that were used to create and add to the ‘stranger things’ inspiried portrayal. Right away the colour choices of shades of black, white and alot of blue with many other visual trickery such as the what I like to call ‘seeing double effect’ was forever used throughout the video especially when Brendon made appearences on screen as the evil leader gave the effective feel that I was in a crazy, hallusination reality which provedto be totally bizzare.

At the very end, Brendon is shown cracking his knuckles ready to go do something sinister.

Something however I am undecided on yet isthe amount of similarities and how much of a follow up it is to previously released music video for song ‘Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time’. Many elements such as the creepy senarios, and of course the visualities and props seen in both of the videos I cannot decide if they are too much of a follow up to one another. However things such as music video sequals have been done successfully in the past such as Fall Out Boy’s well known ‘Young Blood Chronicles’were a complete success in my eyes so potneitally that is the lines that Panic! At The Disco want to follow along, putting their own twist and interpretation on.

With an evil smile, the music video ends abruptivly.

Altogether I do very much like the role that the ‘Stranger Things’ actor and Brendon portrays in this video, with the storyline easily understandable with it being a capture and enclosure in a terrifying satanic lair which includes much hypnotising which results in Urie being the evil orchestrator. With the only downfall for me being the likeness and closeness of the two videos mentioned, however that may of been intentional. But I am glad to see how dedicatd Brendon is to putting content out there,  even if it is rather satanic and spooky which with Halloween coming up next month, is perfect.

Have you seen the brand new music video for ‘LA Devotee’ yet? Leave me your thoughs and general converstaion in the comments and we can talk all things Panic!

Music video link:

Panic! At The Disco LA Devotee Official Music Video


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    New Hair! Sexy Urie!
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