Niall Horan This Town (1 Mic 1 Take) Song Review

The music industry specifically the One Direction fandom went into complete meltdown, when it became official that artist Niall Horan who is also 1/4 of One Direction dramaticallydropped his first solo project since the four piece boyband publically announced their hiatus last year. So with this paramount news breaking, after a week of familirising myself with the first version of ‘This Town’ I though I could give you guys a breif, relaxed review of all my thoughts and theories reguarding the song.

Niall Horan in the video for the 1 Mic 1 Take version of ‘This Town’

The most important point that i would like to cover firstly is the theme and genre of the song that I percieve it to be. At first listen I believe Niall’s song to be very country pop which is defined through the easy going acoustic guitar with the gentle vocals which in reguards to the theme the lyrics are running along, ‘This Town’ also comes across slightly like a ballad with the lyrics expressing themes of heartbreak, love and life which are popular lyrical topics especially found in ballad and pop music.

An acoustic setup with just Niall, the guitar & a mic is depicted

Also, I saw that quite a few people on social media were saying that this is something totally different and unexpected coming from Niall.However in my opinion, I did not expect anything less from the man in question. Especially from his creations and songwriting contiributions especially during the ‘Midnight Memories’ era in One Direction, when Niall was proudly known for collaborating on writing the song taken from my favouitre 1D album, ‘Midnight Memories’ with the song ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’ who he wrote with some members of my childhood band McFly. I can definately see a continuation of some sounds that are currently in both of these awesome songs, such as refrencing to childhood and your original faimly home, so I did totally expect this kind of tune from Niall.

The music video was shot in black, white and monochrome colours

In reguards to the vocals, instrumentals and every other musical element in between,  I think that they all melded in nicely with eachother, Predominantly the focuse elements which are the vocals and guitar complemented eachother elegantly. However I think I would of like to of seen even more of Niall’s vocal range on display, which would of completed the song entirely for me.

Do any of you guys agree or disagree with myself? No matter what you think about ‘This Town’ please leave them in the comments so I can respond and we can all have a very pleasing musical chat.

Song Link:

YouTube – Niall Horan This Town (Live, 1 Mic1 Take)

Spotify – Niall Horan This Town

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