Artists I’m Enjoying In Autumn 2016

I’m back with the blog posts! The university workload has been getting very intense over the past week, therefore consequently I did miss an upload last week which I do apologise for very much so. However here I am this week, returning with my newest series of posts which allows me to recommend and inform you guys about Artists that I have been forever listeneing to throughout the seasonal periods. Returning with artists I’m enjoying in Autumn of this year, and hopefully able to progress back into the flow of my regular Friday uploads. Although if I know that I am going to miss one Friday, I tend to put a tweet out over on my Twitter which I will leave down below just in case anybody is curious. Lets begin at last!

Matt singing on the X Factor live shows week 2.

Matt Terry

Not many of you guys may know who this incredible person is, especially if you do not watch the UK version of the X Factor. Essentially Matt Terry is an insanely gifted singer who is a contestant on the show this year. Actually there is a slight possibility that you may know of him, through social media blowing up that Matt has a accurate resemblance to of course Louis Tomlinson of One Direction appearance wise, however Matt is definitely his own unique individual. First of all, his vocals are insane, amazing, mid-blowing and everything in between and I am going to even dare put his vocal range nearly up there with Brendon Urie, famously known for his own never ending vocal range but trust me, listen to his most recent performances and let your ears do the deciding. Not only is Matt vocally strong, but his personality is extremely likeable and definitely seems like one of the friendliest and passionate human beings out there. I hugely recommend for anyone unaware of Matt’s existence to get to know him through his X Factor journey because in my opinion, I am currently talking about the future winner of X Factor 2016 and an individual who is rapidly developing as an artist. Can we expect future albums and even worldwide tours? Of course!

Josh Dunn and Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots.

Twenty One Pilots

I have been an intense fan of this famous duo for s decent amount of time now although I find myself reaching to their music even more in certain seasons especially during the autumn/winter months. In all honesty the ‘Fairly Local’ music video reminds me so much of the festive and halloween period that it always sticks in my brain and drives me insane until I finally admit defeat, put in my headphones and dedicate a whole day out of my life to Twenty One Pilots. Because what band enthusiast doesn’t do that anyway? In general TØP music is infectious and I could not sit down and compose this post without including them.

Let me know your thought on Twenty One Pilots and if you have familiarised yourself with Matt Terry also lets have a chat in the comments about the two artists I have featured as my Autumn picks.


Matt Terry ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ Performance – YouTube

Matt Terry – Spotify

Twenty One Pilots – Spotify


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