5 Scarily Good Music Videos You Need To Watch On Halloween

The halloween weekend has arrived! Despite the fact that I am not the biggest fan of the halloween period for the sake of the blog post I carved some pumpkins, watched just one horror film, stared at some tofee apples and listened to and watched some frightfully good music videos which leads us on nicely to the concept I came up with. So to get you guys prepared for halloween tick or treating, I selected a few of my favourite music videos that I believe to have a slight theme of halloween running throughout them to get you in the spooky spirit.

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy in the ‘Young Blood Chronicles for the song ‘Where Did the Party Go’.

Kicking off the preparation for halloween is of course Fall Out Boy’s story of music videos, otherwise considered as the ‘Young Blood Chronicles’. I love the concept and storyline depicted throughout the continuous videos with the story line essentially being that the guys of Fall Out Boy are trying to save rock and roll and retrieve the case that got stolen from Patrick which lead to him turning evil and the other members of Fall Out Boy being brutally killed of in the process which ultimately leads to them trying to save rock and roll. I enjoy watching this series all year round however considering the amount of blood, special effects make-up and gore shown how appropriate is the ‘Young Blood Chronicles’ for this time of year. If you happen to be throwing a halloween party, grab a projector and play this all night long and have a wicked time.

Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low in the ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ music video.

Yet another singular music video this time around but is definitely unmissable which is All Time Low’s ‘Somethings Gotta Give’. The zombieness contained in this video is unreal which is why it purely screams halloween to me. In the video we see all the band members of ATL being slowly transformed and transitioned from being innocent normal human beings or dressed as a carton of chips into flesh eating zombies who are definitely frightful. Not only is this a gruesome music video also you could easily gain inspiration for your halloween look this year by either dressing up and putting your spin on dressing up as chips or a zombie. I think I know which one you would choose!

New Years Day in the ‘Kill or be Killed’ music video.

New Years Day is next on the list with their video ‘Kill or be Killed’ a highly terrifying title. Probably the least halloween themed video from the bunch but there is elements of spookiness and a decent amount of blood featured in it also. Around this time of year especially as soon as Autumn arrives I always get back into the swing of New Years Day mainly because I wish I could pull Ash Costello’s hair. This aside, in general the band and their music for sure get me in the halloween mood even if I’m not the biggest fan of it and I recommend you guys to give their music a shot especially if you are in to your Bring Me The Horizon and Motionless In White.

Bring Me The Horizon’s music video for ‘Follow You’.

Whilst we are along the lines of Bring Me The Horizon another one of an unmissable halloween music video is ‘Follow You’. One of my favourite songs taken from ‘That’s The Spirit’ the video loudly screams everything halloween. Even though it the most highly likely the weirdest, strangest and bizarre music video ever created in my opinion thats what makes it so perfect for this time of the year. In the video i see the world plummeting in decline through zombie’s taking over the planet, the amount of guts and gore is enough halloween inspiration you need. Ever.

Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco in the ‘Emperors New Clothes’ music video.

Last but not least taking into account the most recent music videos released by the following artist I have to mention Panic! At The Disco. To come to reaching the final decision of what specific music video I would like to pick out for this coming Monday, I was having an overlong debate with myself over my split choice between the ‘Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time’ and ‘Emperors New Clothes’ music video. At last I decided on the latter choice. The most subtle yet powerful video on this list, Brendon progressively starts to change into a demonic looking creature through several stages and this was definitely frightful at first glance! If you want some solid costume ideas I can’t recommend enough this video and for something more simple but effective, you could get some fabulous creations out of ‘The Ballad Of Mona Lisa’ music video also. Bands can be very inspirational even when it comes to halloween.

What was your favourite choice out of my recommendations above? Drop me a comment explaining your favourite selection and if you have any spookily themed halloween music videos you would like to suggest to me yourself, tell me for sure.

Music videos mentioned:

Fall Out Boy – Young Blood Chronicles

All Time Low – Somethings Gotta Give

New Years Day – Kill or Be Killed

Bring Me The Horizon – Follow You

Panic! At The Disco – Emperor’s New Clothes

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