Panic! At The Disco Death Of A Bachelor Conan Performance Review

If you follow Panic! At The Disco closely regarding their most recent appearances and performances you can tell that this performance review is coming much later than when the performance actually happened. Nether the less I am here today to review Panic! At The Disco’s performance of their title track ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ in which they performed  on TV chat show in American which is Conan.

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First of all Brendon is pictured on stage in a solo format without any of his touring members up until the latter stages of the performance which I believe was creative to see because as many of you are probably aware, Brendon is the last man standing officially in Panic! so by him being places on stage looking like a solo artist definitely was very truthful and for me it helped to enhance his vocals further which he docent need but it was a nice addition to the vibe of the performance.

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Talking about the feel and vibe, the incorporation of the professional session brass players which they brought along carrying on the theme from the most recent American tour really proved how Jazz and Swing influenced this song is oppose to the R&B element, which of course pays homage to Urie’s musical idol Frank Sinatra which reinforced this songs desired overall genre.

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Relating to my previous mentions of Jazz, the monochrome colouring effects this performance was seen in linked, mimicked and replicated back to the music video for ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ which was decent to see because it demonstrated that Panic! Always put thought and productiveness into their live televised performances. And with the introduction of the colour coming back to the performance later on put a modern twist on this.

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Stating the obvious, but it was so relieving and refreshing to see a final switch up in the picking of songs taken from the 2016 album release being publicly broadcasted because it made a great change instead of tiredlessly hearing the same string of ‘Victorious’ performances which was continuously played at the beginning of the albums release which was becoming treacly boring but at least change has come!

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Lastly sometimes it is hard to think of ways to differentiate a live performance version of the same song recorded in the studio. In this performances case, the two were totally separate with the main separation elements including Brendon Urie putting his own variation on his vocals and the instrumentals with more high notes and scales making an appearance at non prominent times outside the chorus unlike the studio version.

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Overall taking into consideration Brendon’s solo moments and the talent heard in this specific performance has indeed made it become meted third favourite online and televised performance up there with their set at Reading festival last year so I believe that proves how much I think highly of this performance.

Unaware of this performances existence? Follow the link below to understand what I have been talking about and come back and drop a comment below letting me know your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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Panic! At The Disco ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ Conan

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