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Everyone loves at least a few bands right? Of course when we like a bands music, image and personality as a whole equally, there is always just that one member who you instantly gel with. Well today I thought I would share a minority helping of my favourite band members from a few of my favourite bands at the moment. I’m simply going to select a small amount of bands for the time being because if I was to list every single member of every single band I listen to, we would be here for a considerable amount of time. However keep a look out in the near future for as I will be sure to draw up a part two of my favourite band members for you guys. (Also this is in no particular order, there is absolutely no chance of putting the following indivudals in an ordered list.)

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Jared Leto is the frontman for band Thirty Seconds To Mars, actor and director. I consider myself still a bit of fresher towards Leto’s band however I am pleased I discovered this human being. After familiarising myself firstly with his acting history my time was consumed when I came across his band which furthermore is how I found out Jared would be my favourite member. To me Jared just comes across as the most decent, insanely talented and hardworking individual especially listening to endless amounts of interviews and the commentary for album ‘Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams’ you will notice he is very wise with words and even after watching Thirty Seconds To Mars film ‘Artifact’ it definitely opens up your eyes to how dedicated Jared Leto is to his musical career and makes him an even more likeable person.

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Brendon Urie is the frontman and original remaining member of band Panic! At The Disco. Through word of mouth, I became aware of his existence around two years ago and considering how long Panic! career has spanned , I again was a late comer. However since that very moment I watched ‘The Overture’ and ‘Ready To Go’ Brendon grabbed my attention. His overall wittiness, humour and character shown in every performance, interview and video is largely appealing not to mention the hair.

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Louis Tomlinson is very famously known for being a member of One Direction. Oppositely to what I have previously been saying through the power of the X Factor back when the formation of this boyband was being created was around the time I got into these guys I believe. Even though throughout the past six years I have been so indecisive between what member was my absolute favourite ever since the early days it has been Louis Tomlinson. At first like any Directioner can relate to it was the striped t-shirts and the braces however his style has become much more modern and at times edgier which I have loved to seen develop.

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Tyler Joseph just one half of the ever-growing duo Twenty One Pilots is up now. To my surprise, when I greatly stumbled across the now international phenomenon I consistently thought Josh Dunn is the one I would sway towards more even though I like both members so equally this was a strange discovery. To be because both Josh and Tyler’s personalities in particular are so infectious I can’t actually define what it is that nearly steers me more towards Tyler as my favourite member. I think it might be his credible creativeness.

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Pete Wentz is the bassist for the long term band Fall Out Boy. Just days after getting to know Panic! and Brendon is when the link between the two bands cane to light. If you guys know the prominent video that Fall Out Boy posted on YouTube that features Brendon and TØP some years ago then you will exactly know the moment Fall Out Boy became one of my top three bands. Essentially the drunk history video was the fundamental building block to help me discover that a certain Pete Wentz was my favourite. The laugh, friendship and passion towards FOB are the main features that defines Pete as his own character.

Do we have any major similarities or massive differences between the band members we like? Of course post a comment below and let me know. Thats what the comments section is for after all. Lets discuss!

Video’s Mentioned:

Thirty Seconds to Mars ‘Artifact’ Official Trailer

Panic! At The Disco ‘The Overture’

Panic! At The Disco ‘Ready To Go’

Fall Out Boy ‘Drunk History’




  1. November 16, 2016 / 8:29 pm

    30 Seconds to Mars was one of the first ever bands that I ever got into and it really opened my eyes into this new genre of music I had discovered. Also, another one of my favourite band members is Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil, especially because of his passion for writing deep and emotional lyrics which all have some sort of meaning/backstory behind them.

    • November 16, 2016 / 8:43 pm

      That’s good to hear! Yeah for me out of pierce the veil my favourite member would be Tony Perry. Definitely so true about discovering one artist and it opens you up to so many bands within that genre. Once I came across Panic! At The Disco they were that band that did that for myself 🙂

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