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Tag time is back! I essentially do these quick and easy tags on occasions purley for the fact that you guys can hopefully relate to my music tastes and also because I love answering questions, this is totally ideal. So previously I have completed the band tag and this time around I have generalised it a bit more with the music tag, which judging by the title clearly covered a broader spectrum of music topics. In regards to the questions a handful I found on Google Images and a handful I think I created myself so feel free do a blog post using these questions too.

1.) Who is your favourite band at the moment?


2.) A song that reminds you of something or someone?

‘Trade Mistakes’ by Panic! At The Disco

3.) Songs from your childhood?

Practically any McFly or Girls Aloud song released between the years of 2002-2010

4.) Who would you say is your guilt pleasure?

Normally some people would say a boy band like One Direction. However they are beyond a guilty pleasure. Have no shame people!

5.) Any upcoming gigs, concerts or festivals?

Yes as of this moment I just got tickets to see Blink-182 at the o2 arena in London for next July. Very ecstatic about this.

6.) Favourite music video at the moment?

‘Ready To Go’ by Panic! At The Disco will probably be my favourite music video of all time seeing as it is the only music video I remember recalling that got me into them.

7.) A song or artist that you have discovered through friend?

It started with a slight suggestion by one of my friends to listen to Jack Garratt’s music but his cover of ‘5 Days’ originally by Craig David. However it properly escalated when his album ‘Phase’ dropped. Definitely recommend anyone to check him out.

8.) Bands or solo artists?

Bands all the way.

9.) A song that brings upload memories?

‘Good Time’ by Owl City featuring Carly Rae Jepsen.

10.) Favourite album of all time?

Firstly this is a near impossible question. Although I would say my favourite albums of all time are ‘Midnight Memories’ by OneDirection, ‘Vices & Virtues’ by Panic! At The Disco, ‘Save Rock & Roll’ by Fall Out Boy and ‘This Is War’ by Thirty Seconds To Mars.

11.) Favourite genre of music?

In a nutshell I would say my preferred genres of music are Pop-Rock or the Alternative genre.

12.) Lastly do you listen to music every day?

Of course. I am a music enthusiast and a music business student at university. I feel obliged to listen to music on several occasions a day.

Feel free to answer any of the questions down in the comments or if you have a blog on this platform, you can compose a blog post too.



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