I am finally back! It’s not Friday just yet however I think I owe everyone who is regularly aware of my blog a slight explanation. So where have I been for the past month? Well, last Friday was my deadline date to hand in my first batch of university assignments and because it was my first term at university I did struggle trying to balance 3 assignments, a blog and life in general. Therefore as a result I had to temporarily abandon my blog in exchange for a whole heap of stress, meltdowns, panting and rushing. Although the deadline for my work is in the past now and I can fully focus on my blog over the christmas break and for the foreseeable future before my next workload comes in. If for any reason I need to take a break from writing which I sincerely hope I do not have to do again because I missed it so much I will make sure to let you guys know before and not after having some time off.

Thank you for sticking around.


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