Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki ‘Just Hold On’ X Factor Performance

The unfortunate news broke last Friday that Louis Tomlinson’s mum Johannah Deakin sadly passed away. As a tribute to his mother, Louis carried out her last wish directed towards him to perform his new single with musician Steve Aoki titled ‘Just Hold On’ in honour and tribute to Johannah. After watching the performance multiple times and the lyrics, song and performance meaning so much to me as I’m sure it does to many Directioners and people out there too, I though that instead of doing a review of the X Factor performance, this could be more of an appreciation post praising not only Louis of course but Johanna, the rest of the One Direction members and also Steve Aoki too.


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All in all the performance was incredible and one of my favourite ever. I knew what was going to be roughly anticipated in terms of the song because it was all over social media the day before the X Factor performance and as soon as it became available on iTunes I have never pressed the purchase button so quickly. But it was so much more that just a regular guest performance. The electronic vibes were portrayed in the visual staging set up where Steve was behind his decks and Louis centre stage for the most part. Considering the circumstances Louis’ vocals were in my opinion spot on with the texture and purity of his voice connecting to the song.


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The rest of the boys of One Direction all generously turned up to the first part of the X Factor final to support Louis with I believe Niall and Liam taking flights over from America with Niall having to jet straight back out after just to be there for him which shows friendship goes beyond just their work life as a band in the music industry. Harry, Niall and Liam all remained backstage during this time so they could be there privately for the Tomlinson/Deakin family being probably the best support system ever.


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Also congratulations and many thanks to Steve Aoki for not only working with Louis on this insanely good track but like Simon Cowell said after the pair debuted the song for the first time but for being there as a close friend for Louis and I think he is a pretty cool human for being there by his side in person on stage and off stage and throughout the whole creation of this number 1 track.


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I have never known a song to affect me so much ever. I mean of course you have them few songs that are your favourites or that are in the track listing of your favourite album however ‘Just Hold On’ this one song its lyrics and even the three small words in the title have such an in depth meaning and bring back so many memories and times where these words would of been so comforting to me so I am overjoyed that this song exists because it really enforces realisation and that it is okay to express your emotions.


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To publicly expose yourself just days after a tragic event such as this, I cannot commend Louis enough for his bravery, determination and strength to fulfil this wish. Louis I can’t even begin to imagine what the last few days have been like for you but you should only be proud of what you have accomplished from the past 6 years to the past week. You carried out your mums last wish which I don’t even know how you managed that in such a cool calm manor in front of millions of viewers but that only proves how courageous you are at one of the lowest points in life itself. Johanna was such a big part of the One Direction family to all Directioners and of course to her own family too and her passing struck a chord with thousands. So I just want to say thank you to Steve for the amazing instrumentations and mainly an enormous thank you and massive respect to Louis Tomlinson for writing such powerful words toyour first ever solo single that has managed to touch so many people including myself and for being such an inspiration for families and individuals who may have experienced a similar patch in their lives and in general for being sincerely valiant, caring and kind always. 


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If you missed Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki’s worldwide exclusive appearance for ‘Just Hold On’ on the UK version of the X Factor you can catch it by following the link provided below. Also lets talk about the song and anything else in between below in the comments section.

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Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki Perform ‘Just Hold On’ The X Factor 2016




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