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Last week a more elongated more revealing trailer for the upcoming 2017 summer blockbuster was dropped for the film Dunkirk a movie based around the events that occurred during the battle of Dunkirk during the second world war including the evacuation process known as Operation Dynamo. The battle took place in France which lasted around 9 days until the battle was surrendered and ended which was defined as the event that shaped out world. The modern take on the event has an impressive cast list with the director including Christopher Nolan and a certain One Direction member who has shown off his capable acting skills of what I can see visably in the trailer with that newly form actor being Harry Styles. Because I will never consider myself a film fanatic or reviewer I’m just going to put my thoughts down on the table from what the official trailer has conjured up and definitely you guys can join in talking about what you think the plot line for Harry or his character Tommy would entail in the comments section, located under this post.


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The first glimpse of Mr Styles seen in the 2 minuet trailer as his portrayal of Tommy a solider fighting in the Dunkirk battle was seen on the well known western front beaches where he was sat looking out upon the ocean alongside 2 fellow soldiers more than likely pondering the unexpected of what was yet to come. I don’t know what it was about this one tiny shot but it kind of hit me. I believe because the beaches are such a renowned spot especially in this battle considering many people lost their lives on the shorefront, ocean and beach so I think that one shot with just the 3 of them sitting there looking worried about the unknown was very daunting yet incredible and by far my favourite moment from the entire trailer.


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Progressing on and the next time Harry is distinctively spotted is when he is depicted as looking very sweaty, dirty and scared in an enclosed environment this time, more than likely trying to hide out away from the enemy with what looks like just sandbags for protection. Another great scene in a different surrounding oppose to the shore front and harbours which I like because it shows all the characters in a different light showing that not only was fighting for your country and fighting for your life involved during the war time but you had to do everything in your power to survive meaning you had to think of ways to hide yourself from the opposition to remain safe and continue on living which unfortunately meant in many lives being lost in Dunkirk with around 11,000 passed away on the allied force.


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The last glimpse of character Tommy seems was for sure a cliffhanger in its self for all fans of Harry Styes and One Direction supporters including myself which was shown as Tommy struggling under water. Now I did see a rumoured spoiler on Twitter as soon as the trailer dropped possible saying what happens next for Style’s character and If the spoiler is true then that is a huge way for Harry to make his first acting debut and a definite representation of just a few of the things that has to happen during the second world war as a whole due to the amount of troops who fought for their country. Everyone was going wild as soon as people began to witness this sector of the trailer and it did indeed shock me too.

I am so ecstatic to watch Dunkirk as soon as it hits cinemas on July 21st next year not only because of Harry Styles making his first ever acting debut as the next big movie star but I absolutely learning about the past especially the world wars in particular so my excitement for the release of this film is beyond anything.

Haven’t watched the Dunkirk trailer yet? Just follow the link below to experience the trailer in full.

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