Winter Playlist 2017

Kicking off the fresh new year with a music orientated post of course which shall be my picks of songs that currently make up my winter playlist ranging from last year to the present day. I have such a great selection and pick of songs specifically for during the winter time probably because during the colder weather conditions I hibernate indoors as much as I possibly can because why not. Its cosy and with music flowing through your headphones its even better right? Comment down below if this is you too I would like to know my fellow music winter hibernators out there!

All The Boys – Panic! At The Disco

Possibly a more unknown and most definitely under appreciated Panic! song. Taken from their Nicotine EP I stumbled graciously upon this track whilst curiously strolling through Panic! At The Disco’s Spotify and I am very thankful for my boredom at this point. As soon as my ears heard this song it has shot up in the charts in my top P!ATD songs. Because of its more secretive location seeing that ‘All The Boys’ unfortunately didn’t make the cut for album ‘Too Weird Too Live Too Rare Too Die’ this track is an absolute must especially for Panic! fans out there.

The Outsider – Black Veil Brides

A brand shining new release from 5 piece band Black Veil Brides and one word to sum up my anticipation and excitement towards this song would be prodigious. The thing that truly made this song memorable and made me return to this song for more was the guitar work done by members Jake and Jinx. It is honestly so intensely wonderful that I could literally just listen to the instrumentals for this new release. If you have not checked out this specific song you are surely missing out big time especially if you like bands along the lines of Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping with Sirens or Pierce The Veil this track is for you!

When Cheistmas Comes Around – Matt Terry

Newly crowned winner of the X Factor 2016 this gave Matt Terry the opportunity to release the covered winners single which is appropriately titled at the time of its release ‘When Christmas Comes Around’ which was written by artist Ed Sheehan which was evident when listening to the track because of the steady, calm guitar and the more slower tempo applied to this song which with Matt’s soothing voice singing the lyrics was a rather good match. I have literally been fan of Matt even before his audition aired on national television back in August thanks to the X Factors Facebook page. If you are more international then the UK there is potential that you may not have heard of this newly formed artist and I recommend you very much to give his X Factor performances and this song a chance.

This Town – Niall Horan

The first member of One Direction to officially release and debut his solo project during the bands hiatus, Niall Horan definitely scored a hit with his first track ‘This Town’. A very county-pop esque song due to influences such as the acoustic guitar, lyrics, tone and tempo I expected nothing less that amazing from Niall looking at the boys collective music collection. A very autumnal and winter track for me, how could it not make the short list for this playlist.

Fairly Local – Twenty One Pilots

Got to throw some TØP into the mix. Now admittedly the music video had more of an impact on myself to put this song here more than the actual track taken from astonishingly renowned album ‘Blurryface’. If you have seen the music video for ‘Fairy Local’ you would totally understand what i am about to say. The video absolutely screams everything associated with the winter season. Tyler and Josh in their very cosy warm white jackets with complement the falling and settles snow and  with Tyler wearing his famous red hat which not only is very wintery, but it also matched josh’s fiery red hair at the time, this video is just packed full of matched and winter. It’s brilliant.

Just Hold On – Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki

A very much takes about song here on One Fall Out At The Disco and one that I probably will never stop talking about too. Just a month ago Louis Tomlinson alongside friend and co-worker on this song Steve Aoki dropped this hard hitting, incredible song after an unfortunate event which took place in Louis’ life which more than likely judging by the timings effected his decision to release his first solo song. I simply love the direction this song has taken Louis showing his capabilities in other genres of music other than the standard pop and he and Steve have experimented with more EDM sounds and for me this gamble for Louis paticulaly paid off for sure.

Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy – Fall Out Boy

Again the feature of this Fall Out Boy classic has yet been more persuaded to be here through the e music video rather thank the actual song alone. Similar to the case for Twenty One Pilots how can you not feature a video that contains scenes of snow and winter attire on a winter playlist. However you could argue that Andy Hurley was wearing a t-shirt which indeed he was. But for the most part the music video just screams winter. Plus this song has been stuck in my head ever since October 2015 then I saw the band live for the first time.

Infinity – One Direction.

The ultimate night time song coming up now. It was a tough choice between two songs including this one and a song titled ‘Home’ which didn’t make it to the track listing for One Direction latest album ‘Made In The A.M’ but ‘Infinity’ over ruled by a slight margin. The first time I heard this track it literally made me want to go outside lay on a burgendy checked blanket and stargaze even though it was transitioning coincidentally into winter at the time. Honestly if you not have tried this and you are aware of this song, play it and go and star gaze during this evening or night time. You won’t regret it.

If you have composed a collection of songs that you like to listen to in the winter time please leave links or suggestions in the comments box because I would be intrigued to know the type of music you guys listen to and see if it correlates with any of the songs above.


Winter Playlist 2017

Twenty One Pilots: Fairly Local [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Fall Out Boy: Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy OFFICIAL VIDEO]


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