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Another tag I know. However the other night when I was bored out of my mind pondering a whole spectrum of different ideas, considering my whole blog is based around three main focus points being One Direction, Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy, thinking about the previous tags I have done which have just been about music in general why not do a couple involving each band in more depth and detail. So I scrolled through the internet and came across two amazing blog account with many great questions surrounding One Direction so all credit for the questions are based off the two account which of course I will link as sources below. Make sure to check back in a few Friday’s time for some tag questions for the other two bands. Now sit back and enjoy as I explain more about my favourite group in the music industry.

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Have you ever been to a One Direction concert?

Indeed I have been lucky enough to attend two One Direction concerts with them being during the Where We Are Tour at Wembley Stadium in London and the other during the On The Road Again tour at the O2 Arena, London.

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Do you think it is wrong to have a favourite member?

Not at all! I think when anybody starts to like a band there is always one individual within the group that you relate and connect to straight away which is something that is natural. However as long as you show your support for the other people in the band then of course it’s totally okay to have a favourite. In One Direction my favourite member would be Louis and I still admire the rest of the boys too. How could you not?

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Out of all the boys tattoo’s, which is your favorite?

This is a tough one because I am a tattoo obsessor. Its between Harry’s butterfly/hands tattoo or Louis’ rope on his right wrist. All the boys apart from the blank canvas that is Niall Horan have quite a decent selection of permanent artwork on them. I do appreciate the animal based ones slightly more.

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Top 5 One Direction songs?

In corresponding order exactly. ‘Alive’, ‘What A Feeling’, ‘Clouds’, ‘Rock Me’ and ‘Another World’.

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Favourite One Direction album?

By a landslide ‘Midnight Memories’ only because I love the turn in sound the group took for this album giving it a slight edgier, rockier feel which is the genre of music I hear and like the most overall. And they upped their game massively in terms of their maturity towards their music and their creative contribution lyrically.

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If you were the sorting hat, which Hogwarts house would you put each of the boys into?

I love the question because I am such a Harry Potter fanatic. Niall for Hufflepuff, Harry in Ravenclaw, Louis you are a Griffindor and Liam sorry or not sorry is in Slytherin, even though he actually has the Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia car in his garden! Plus Louis’ Gryffindor influence came from the picture above in Orlando from One Direction the TV special and their interview for BBC Radio 1’s live lounge.

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Was there ever a time where you were so close to the boys, but weren’t able to go see them?

Yes when and where they filmed the music video for ‘One Thing’. My secondary school is literally across the road from that park and obviously I was in school so until the video was released I was unaware and when I saw it I spotted the location right away and everything else was one huge blur after that moment.

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What piece of clothing from any of the boys wardrobes would you choose for them to give to you?

This is extremely hard because every members style has been me throughout the years except maybe Harry’s more recent fashion choices being more sophisticated and tidy. Therefore I probably would go for Louis’ green Adidas hoodie an absolute classic staple because his style is what I live in. Casual and comfortable wins every time. But under this I do love Harry’s white hand t-shirt, Niall’s green Tigers t-shirt and Liam’s B-Side t-shirt also. And can I just throw in Zayn’s nice hair jumper. I was obsessed with that. Still am.

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What’s your favourite X Factor performance by the boys?

Going to go for their rendition of ‘Something About The Way You Look Tonight’ by Elton John. The blend of their vocals…

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Lastly, what do you think makes someone a true Directioner?

Just somebody who is committed, dedicated and passionate and active within the fandom in anyway. If you consistently support the boys in all aspects of their career and life regularly then you are a true fan in my opinion. But be warned once you become a Directioner your free time and life will disappear. Because thats what it’s like being a fan of them.

If you yourself are a fan of One Direction and want to answer these questions with your responses be sure to answer in the comments or even compose a blog post yourself. It will be great to see the variations of opinion. All original questions if not my own are from the two links below.

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