Artists I’m Enjoying In Winter 2017

The duo that is part of my seasonal playlist and seasonal artist category here on One Fall Out At The Disco is here again today. I will be expressing my thoughts and feelings for the artists in the music industry who I predict and am enjoying between the period of now up until around the end of February and probably beyond. If you are enjoying any of the artists you see mentioned today yourselves drop a comment below or if you want like this post to inform me.

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Louis Tomlinson

After Louis’ recent activity in the music world I knew from the get go I had to include him today. After the first piece of solo material dropping on December 10th last year in the form of a song titled ‘Just Hold On’ this project saw Tomlinson team up with renowned DJ and producer of the track Steve Aoki which the duo debuted the song on their first televised performance on the X Factor which received many positive comments within the One Direction community and further a field. With more promotion of the song happening as we speak Louis has been seen in the studio and is now in America ready to perform on the other side of the globe within the next week or so. Considering all this activity happening there is no doubt in saying I have been enjoying Louis’ musical work because he is stepping out there alone and looking back when he used to doubt his voice as part of One Direction this makes all his own work extra special showing his confidence and self-belief which of course I have been enjoying in the form on having ‘Just Hold On’ on repeat.

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Niall Horan

Yes the two members of the group who have put material out are being talked about right now. Horan released his first song ‘This Town’ on September 29th 2016 and the whole planet went into meltdown. Being the first to step back out in the music industry after the hiatus was a brave, bold move but it payed off with it charting at number 9 in the UK which in my mind is not bad at all. The what I like to call country-pop inspired track was then performed generously both here in the UK and state side on tv and at events such as the Graham Norton show, the Ellen DeGeneres show and as a surprise guest at the Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards which was pleasant. After all this coverage for the song not to mention the live 1 mic 1 take version how could you not know about ‘This Town’.

If you are not aware of any of the two boy’s music they have released check out their material on YouTube especially seeing tat they have been debuting their solo stuff in the form of numerous performances or otherwise their music on Spotify by clicking the links in my little description section at the end of this post. Also lets make some music predictions for any next moves Louis, Niall or any of the 1D members will make next in the comments.

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